I was browsing Cristina’s blog – because she’s awesome, obviously – and I came across this post she did way back in January about blogger confessions. Well, it got me thinking about what my own blogging confessions would be, and then this post came to be, because why not?
  • I procrastinate so much on reviews, it’s ridiculous. I have a long list of books I’ve read recently that I have reviews to write for them, but even when I do have time, I procrastinate and watch Youtube videos, or read more books.
  • Sometimes I go off on a tangent and do posts that aren’t in any way connected to books of any kind. I know this is a book blog, but sometimes I just want to write about other things.
  • I’m a sucker for a nice aesthetic. ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ Well, what if the book has a really pretty cover that makes me feel all happy when I look at it?

Ravenclaw aesthetic!

  •  I’m obsessed with finding the perfect gif for every post.
  • I will more often than not use a Supernatural gif, because Supernatural has a gif for everything. #sorrynotsorry



  • I’m not too stressed about getting fancy ARCs from publishers – if it ever happens, aside from on Netgalley, I will be thrilled but I’m not going to stress over whether or not I get one.
  • I hate book reviews that just focus on very academic things like the tone of the book, or the history of the author. When I read a review, I want it to be warm and welcoming and interesting, instead of being as cold and clinical as an operating table.


  • I’m so grateful to all those bloggers who posted about getting started in the blogosphere. Otherwise, I would have been absolutely lost to get started.
  • I would love to have a bookstagram, or a strictly book-themed Twitter, but that’s too much work…
  • I worry that people judge me because most of the books I read are either Young Adult, or LGBTQ.
  • If I didn’t look unattractive on camera, and weren’t an awkward turtle, I’d be a Booktuber.
  • When I started, I was all on my own, in my own little corner of the Internet, but now I’ve got a small following – just about 200 followers – and I’ve made amazing friends in the book blogging community,
  • I want to get into audiobooks, but I’d much rather have an actual book in my hands, or my Kindle.


  • Physical books will always come first for me, no matter how much I love ebooks and their handiness.
  • I hate writing meh reviews or even reviews of books I just didn’t enjoy, because I’m always afraid I’m being mean about it or the author.
What are your book blogging confessions? Spill your guts to me in the comments, and let me know what deep dark secrets you’ve got, or even just letting me know which of mine you agree with.
Happy reading!

Blogger Interview – Daydreaming Books

And I’m back with another blogger interview! This time, I’m getting to put the questions to Poulami, AKA Daydreaming Books! Yay for book bloggers! Before we get into the actual questions though, take a minute to drool over the gorgeousness that is her blog header:
Feeling that blog envy now? Yeah, me too.


Tell me a little about your blog – how did you come up with the name/URL for it?

I really don’t have much bookish friends in my real life and I desperately wanted to share my thoughts and do some fangirling as well. After I discovered that so many people blogged about books (I really didn’t have much idea about this before 2015! Crazy… I know!) from Goodreads, I decided to start my own book blog. My blog mainly consists of reviews of the YA and NA category because I love both, some tags and my discussion feature called Daydreaming Discussions!


Well… how I came with the name of my blog is a weird story. Mainly because I started my blog on an impulse at 3 A.M. in the morning so that’s why that crazy long url. I wish I could change it, but what’s done is done. I changed my blog name three to four times, I wasn’t satisfied until I finally came up with the name Daydreaming Books- I love daydreaming, I love books and I most definitely love daydreaming about books! Hence I love this name and I’ve stuck with it since.


How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging a little more than a year now. But I pretty much still feel like a newbie!


What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about being a book blogger?

My most favourite thing is that I get to talk and fangirl with so many people who share the love of books just like me and in the process I have made some pretty awesome friends as well!

And the thing that’s my least favourite is that sometime the I forget that I’m blogging for myself and I let the pressure of blogging get to me, though I’m working on it now!



What’s been your favourite post that you’ve posted so far?

I love writing my posts for my feature, Daydreaming Discussions. I especially loved both writing and talking about my post on love triangles and why I hate it so much and consider it much worse than a zombie apocalypse! So I think it’s one of my favourites!


If you could take over any book blog for a week, who would you take over and what would you do with their blog?


Eeeeh such a tough question! There are a million blogs out there that I love so much! But I’m pretty much happy with my one. But to answer your question I would love to take over Cait @ Paper Fury’s blog for a week. Her posts are always hilarious and full of cake and dragons! I really don’t have a clue though what I would do with it but I think I would cause more of a disaster than any good and she would end up either eating me or burning me! 😛


If you could move to any fictional universe, which would you choose to inhabit?

I’m torn between two. First of all I love Hogwarts and all the witchy stuff, so it’s an obvious choice. And my other choice is The House of Night universe from The House of Night series from P.C. and Kristin Cast. It’s a school for vampyres and I’ve always loved them. Other than that, I looooved that school and mainly because I think the classes were held at night and being an insomniac I would have loved that. Plus the teachers and everything else were pretty cool too!


In your opinion, which fictional couple would you happily break up? And which couple would you lock in a room until they were happily, deliriously in love?


For the former question, I would have answered from Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare but I’m still in the middle of it. So…*Spoilers* I would go with Stark and Zoey from The House of Night series. Mainly because I loved her with Heath and that was my OTP!! *cries*


Uhh… well for the latter one I’ll go with Will and Tessa from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. I mean they both have strong feelings for each other but they are too stubborn to accept the fact! But I ship them so much… it hurts!



Who are your top five auto-buy authors?


Cassandra Clare, Rainbow Rowell, Dan Brown, Colleen Hoover and Marissa Meyer!




Now for the quickfire round! Let the questions begin!



Netflix or Chill?

Netflix just became available in India this year, I haven’t tried that yet and I haven’t even heard of Chill. Oops!


Pizza or Burgers?


Music or books?

Both! I can’t live without either of them!

Guys or food? 

Guys can wait… I’m jumping the food train.

Ugly and smart, or pretty and dumb?

I believe everybody is beautiful in their own way but if I have to answer, then I’ll go with the former.

Bath or shower?


Beach or pool?

I love the beach!’

Fiction or non-fiction?


Hermione or Katniss?

Hermione. Definitely Hermione.


Online or offline?

Online. Always!

Girls or guys?


John Green or David Levithan?

I’ve only read TFIOS by John Green and I’ve yet to read any book by David Levithan. So I really don’t know!



Well, that’s that. If you want to check out Poulami’s blog – please do! – then you can click this little link here and it’ll take you there. One little click. That’s all it takes.
And if you want to be a part of this feature, shoot me an email (link in my about page), and we can get that organised. Let me talk to you! It’s my only human contact! Not really, but yeah.
Happy reading!



I’m so excited that I’ve hit this milestone that I just screamed in CAPSLOCK, but I don’t care! 200 freaking followers!!!
Thank you to everyone to has read or liked my posts in the past year, because you all rock. You rock so much. Just because you’re so awesome, have 500 Awesome Points.
It was tough-going to start with, I admit, but I’ve really grown with my blogging over this past year, and that’s a lot due to the amazing people I talk to through comments, and who regularly like my blog posts:
Kim (By Hook or By Book) – you’ve been one of my most regular commenters, and you’re number one of the awesome peeps who make my blogging worthwhile, so thank you.
Nick (The Paper Dragon) – you tag me in so many things, so thank you for including me and giving me this whole list of blog posts to get writing. You’re almost like my blogging coach. Hehe.
Cristina (My Tiny Obsessions) – You appeared out of nowhere, but now I think of you as an internet friend – keep being awesome.
There are so many other people, but if I list them all, I’ll still be here at Christmas, so lets just tie up everything with one huge thank you. Without all my followers, I wouldn’t be blogging still, since every comment and like gives me that little bit more confidence in this.
I love you all!

Bloggers Getting Paid – Yea or Nay?

I recently came across this blog post where the blogger discusses book bloggers and whether or not we should be paid for what we do, This caught my attention, because I was talking about this exact thing with my job advisor the other day.
Personally I don’t think we should be paid for it. If you want to earn money from book blogging, then start an online shop and sell your own merch (personally I’d love a tote bag with Jesse’s blog header on it! That header is gorgeous…), or start a Youtube channel and monetise it, but if you’re even just  lucky enough to get an ARC from a publisher, that should be enough for you. You don’t get into book blogging for money – you do it because you love books and you want to share that love with the world, whether or not anyone reads it. At least, that’s my opinion.
I have a job. I earn money through that. I do not need to turn the one thing that keeps me sane into another job. If I do that, it’ll lose what I love about it, and I’ll lose interest. If that happens, I’ll be throwing a year’s hard work down the metaphorical drain.
Yeah, it’d be nice if I got a little extra money through it, but I don’t think book bloggers should be paid for what they do. If you get anything back from your blogging, like an ARC or some extra book-themed goodies, then that should be good enough for you.
What do you think about this topic? Do you think book bloggers should demand payment for their reviews and blog posts? Or are you of the same mind as me? Talk to me, and let me know what you think, and also go check out Jo’s post that I linked up at the top of this post.
Happy reading!

Blogger Interview – Cristina (My Tiny Obsessions)

Yay! Another blogger interview! I’m really loving this feature, because you get to have a little sneak peek into the minds of fabulous bloggers, like Cristina. Cristina blogs over at My Tiny Obsessions, and she’s such an awesome person, so go and show her blog some love after you finish reading this.



Now, on with the interview!


How did this blog get started? How did the name come to be?

I started my blog over 3 years ago. I had recently moved to Barcelona and I was feeling a bit lonely without anyone to share my TV and movies obsessions, so I decided that a blog might help. So… My Tiny Obsessions…


How long have you been blogging?

3 years and 4 months… time flies!


What was it like when you started out blogging? What was going through your head with each post?

I started with TVshows recaps, so my thought was mostly to pour out everything I felt in regards to those specific episodes and so on. No pressure, no anything, just like I was talking to myself outloud.


What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about being a book blogger?

My favorite thing has to be the book blogging community. The worst I think it’s maybe the pressure I end up putting on myself, to post frequently, to reach a certain number of views, etc.


How many themes did you have to go through before you settled on the one you have now?

Just one before the one I currently have. I’m a person with fixed ideas ;).


What’s your favourite gif to use in a blog post?

SO MANY!!! But I love this one:


If you could take over any book blog for a week, who would you take over and what would you do with their blog?

Oh boy… maybe weird question, but I wouldn’t want to do that. At all. A Blog is such a personal space, I wouldn’t want to intrude in anyone else’s.


Which fictional guy would you want to wake up next to tomorrow morning and why?

Hmmmm, it’s still Rowan Whitethorn from the Throne of Glass series. Do I need to give a reason? If you read the books, you know!


Which book would you love to see as a movie?

I just finished a book a couple of days ago that I think would be perfect for a movie: Tone Deaf by Olivia Rivers. I would love to see a teen movie with a deaf protagonist. The book deals with so many serious topics and I think it would be a hell of a movie.



Now for the quick fire!


Saver or spender?



Glasses or contacts?



Raisins or nuts?



Grapes or wine?



France or Germany?



Water or lemonade?



Boyband pop or hard metal?

Boyband pop.


Girls or guys?



3 or 7?

7! Always my favorite number.


Online or offline?

Online. always.


Fiction or non-fiction?



Tobey Maguire Spiderman or Andrew Garfield Spiderman?

Andrew Garfield! Without a doubt!


Haha, yeah I definitely agree. Andrew Garfield is also my idea of the perfect young Remus Lupin, but that’s besides the point.


If you would like to be a part of this feature, and be interviewed, email me at shihztubookreviews@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible with a set of interview questions. Don’t be shy – I won’t bite.


Happy reading!


It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday

It’s the one year anniversary of this blog! One year ago today, I posted my very first blog post, introducing myself and my four shih tzus. Now, here we are, with a nice little following, and lots of new blogging friends!


Looking back, I can’t believe how clueless I was – I didn’t know about scheduling, or about terms like DNF or Booktube, or even about Netgalley. That’s certainly changed, and now I’m taking part in book blogger events like ARC April, and I’m being tagged in book tags and blogger awards.


There’s some people I’d really like to thank for making this last year such an amazing time:

Jonathan and Aaron @ Husband And Husband – you were one of my very first followers, and one of the first blogs I ever followed as well, and I’ve loved every one of your posts since then.

Cristina @ My Tiny Obsessions – you comment or like almost all my posts, and I really appreciate all the support. Every like, or every comment, gives me encouragement to keep blogging, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to meet you online to share our bookish interests. Lots of love!

Bloggers Bookshelf – Way back last year when this blog was just a little speck on the internet, I did an interview for these lovely bookish people (not unlike the blogger interviews I’ve done myself on this blog) and that was one of the things which really boosted my blog traffic, so thank you so much!


Kim @ By Hook or By Book – Just imagine if we hadn’t met through that comment on Aaron and Jonathan’s blog post. I wouldn’t have made friends with such a cool person, and I am thankful that I did. You’re awesome – don’t forget that!

There are other people that I’ve probably forgotten, but these are the main ones right off the top of my head. For all those other amazing bloggers that I’ve been lucky enough to meet, THANK YOU! Without you all, I would have given up after maybe a month of this. Look at me now though – a whole year! Lets hope I can make it to next April and still be blogging.



Happy reading!

Blogger Interview – By Hook Or By Book

Remember when I persuaded Jonathan and Aaron at HusbandAndHusband to let me interview them? Well, I also asked another of my favourite bloggers to answer some questions for me, and she said yes, and I’m only getting around to posting this now. Bad Becca!


Anyway, this is my interview with the epic blogger that is Kim at By Hook or By Book!



Thank you so much for doing this, Kim. You’re one of my favourite bloggers, and I’m so excited to keep going with this feature. To start off with, how did your blogging story start? What motivated you to start blogging in the first place? Did you have a blog before this one?

I was a children’s librarian for over two decades before poor health forced me into early retirement. One of the things I really missed was discussing books. I was still submitting reviews for my library’s blog, but it wasn’t enough for me. Then, I stumbled across WordPress in July 2014 and immediately knew this online community was for me.


What’s your favourite part about blogging?

My favorite part about blogging is the wonderful friends I’ve made from all over the world. It’s been such an amazing experience! I thought when I first started By Hook Or By Book that it would just be this little corner of the blogging world where I’d share my love of books with a few like-minded individuals. A year and a half later I have over 500 followers, which to me is just shocking. Everyday I discover another new and exciting blogger that I simply must follow! Some of them are book lovers like me, but there are also poets, authors, artists, and many other talented people.

Is there any downsides that you have found through your own blogging experience?

There has been no downside to my blogging experience. Everyone I’ve met has been incredibly nice and supportive. Because of my health I tend to be a bit isolated, but being part of the WordPress community has encouraged me to come out of my shell.

Is there any blogs you read regularly?

I follow so many amazing blogs it’s difficult to single out any, but here’s just a few:

Jonathan and Aaron
These amazing people have taught me so much about movies, music, and more

Do you think your reading tastes have been influenced by other book bloggers?

I’ve definitely stepped out of my comfort zone regarding my reading tastes thanks to other bloggers. For example, Eric suggested I try “The Mailman”, by J. Robert Lennon which I’d never have picked up on my own. Needless to say I really enjoyed it!

If you could do an interview or a Q&A with any author, who would be your choice of author?

If I could do a Q&A with an author I think it would be with Stephen King, although JK Rowling would be a close second. I’ve been a huge fan of “The Master of Horror” since I first read “Carrie” when I was a teenager. He has this incredible talent for getting into the minds of his characters and readers.


Have you got any new content in the works at the moment?

I’ve been poking away at a young adult novel for the past couple of years. It’s based on my love for the tv show “Supernatural”. I don’t know if it will ever really go anywhere, but I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Which social media do you find yourself using the most often?

I’m not on any social media right now so I’d have to say WordPress is my sole online media addiction.


Yay! Now for the quickfire round, These are going to be some hard questions, which will have you prodding the deepest depths of your psyche – actually, probably not that hard.

Batman or Superman?

I’d have to pick Batman because I love my heroes to be dark and tormented!

Coffee or tea?

I’m definitely a coffee girl all the way! Especially flavored coffee. My current obsession is Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

Dark chocolate or white chocolate?

I love both dark and white chocolate, but if I had to pick I’d choose dark. Since it has all these health benefits I can feel less guilty eating it!

DC or Marvel?

Oh No! You’re really going to make me choose between DC and Marvel, Rebecca? Well, right now I’m currently obsessed with the tv shows Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and Supergirl, so I’d go with DC right now.


Tattoos or piercings?

If I could I’d definitely have a couple of tattoos. Unfortunately my husband has threatened to divorce me if I get one so..

Chinese takeout or Indian?

We don’t have a lot of Indian restaurants where I live, so I’m definitely a fan of Chinese takeout. Probably too much so!

Morning or night?

I’m definitely a night person. I like to stay up even if it’s just watching tv or reading.

Go-to comfort food?

My go to comfort food is chocolate. Yep. I’m a confirmed chocoholic!


Pet peeves?

I guess I’d say I have two pet peeves. One is tailgating. Way too many drivers do this and it’s one of the few things that makes me swear. My other pet peeve is book related and concerns “insta- love” . Actually, now that I think about it this usually makes me swear also. So many authors use this plot device with their characters and in my humble opinion it just doesn’t work and it’s incredibly annoying.

Dream lazy day?

My dream lazy day is sitting in my favorite comfy chair with an awesome book, drinking my pumpkin spice latte. As you can tell I’m pretty easy to please.

Dream vacation?

I haven’t travelled much at all, but one country I’d really love to visit is Ireland. My father’s family is from there and I’d love to trace my roots and see if I have any relatives still over there.



Thank you for doing this, Kim – for anyone who wants to read more about this amazing blogger, I did a Blog Spotlight on Kim’s blog ages ago. Also, if you’d be interested in being a part of this feature, email me or send me a message on Twitter. Links to my social medias are all in my About Page.

Happy reading!