Guest Posting

If you’d be interested in doing a guest post for this – a book review, a book tag post, or just anything bookish – then I’d be thrilled to have you contribute to this blog. After all, blogging is all about being part of a community, right? It’s lots of people coming together and sharing their opinions on a lot of different topics.

If you want to be a guest poster, send me a tweet on Twitter – @shihtzureviews – or email me at  with what you would want to do. I just have a few requirements:

-Use spellcheck, for crying out loud. One of my pet peeves is really bad grammar and spelling, and it makes you sound uneducated if you can’t use proper grammar or spelling, so please just make sure your post reads well.
– I mainly post YA-related stuff, or LGBTQIA books, so if you could try and fit your post into those categories, that would be awesome.
– Make sure you actually do write the guest post if you say you will. It wastes both our time if you don’t, so make sure you’ll do what you say you will.

I can’t wait to hear from you all!