Author Interview – Aimee Davis

If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll remember that a while ago I read and reviewed ‘The Wheel Mages’ by Aimee Davis – and if you didn’t see that, you can go read it here -and I was so stoked about the book that I asked the author herself if she would be interested in doing an author interview for here.

She said yes, and we had quite an interesting discussion – just a few of the things that came up throughout were how difficult it is to kill your own characters, the wonderful delight that is ‘Malec’, and possible spin-offs.

Lets begin!

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What was the initial inspiration behind ‘The Wheel Mages?’ What was the one thing which got you started on the writing and planning of the book?

Innocuous as it may seem, this is a doozy of question to start out with. The Wheel Mages came to life in a behavioral health facility (which is really a euphemism for a mental hospital). I’d self-committed for a host of reasons, but I’m pretty confident the intake paperwork read ‘suicidal ideation’. I was in an incredibly dark place, but while I was in the hospital, I had time to clear my head. I wouldn’t say that environment is particularly therapeutic, but it certainly shakes things up and makes you confront the truth of yourself. In a hospital like that there isn’t a ton to do to occupy your time. They take away your electronics – cell phones, Kindle, tablets, iPads, whatever. There is one TV shared by all the patients (I think there were maybe 15 people in my unit). You’re only allowed to use the phone for short periods of time. You can only have visitors on certain days for about an hour. There are therapy sessions and meetings with doctors, of course, but you find yourself with a lot of free time. That environment also stirs up a lot of emotion. For me, reconnecting with my emotions was what I needed, and that’s how The Wheel Mages came into existence. When the book came to life in my head, it wasn’t as much a series of events as it was a series of emotions. Alena started to take shape in my mind as a symbol of determination, of strength. She sort of helped drag me through this very difficult time in my life. In my first draft of the manuscript, the first sentence literally reads, “I took a deep breath and let it out slowly.” Obviously, during the editing process this was revised because wow – what a terrible hook, but at the time I wrote it, that’s exactly what I needed to do. Breathe, in and out. I was in a terribly vulnerable place, where I needed strength from somewhere – anywhere, and my brain responded by giving me this vision of Alena, standing tall, chin lifted, breathing slowly. She was afraid, but she was strong. That’s what I needed to be.


As for planning… I wish I could tell you there was a plan, but there really wasn’t. I have never been a plotter (this used to drive my writing professors crazy!)


How hard was it to give Nikolai that ending that you did? I know when I write, I can’t bear to do anything bad to my favourite characters. I just can’t.


Ugh… it was terrible. I think every writer (with maybe the exception of George R R Martin and perhaps Shakespeare) struggles with hurting his/her characters. When I first started writing, I couldn’t bear hurting any of my characters, not even the bad guys. Everyone in my early manuscripts is not only redeemable but also redeemed. I avoided having to truly hurt anyone that way, but that’s just not reality. I had a professor in college who used to challenge me to dig deep into my characters’ heads, I mean DEEP, she’d ask me to figure out what they ate for breakfast, what kind of shoes they liked to wear, really learn to love them, then kill them. As silly as it may sound, it helped me learn to “do what needs to be done” so to speak.

It was still extremely difficult though. Actually, in my first draft, the ending is a lot more detatched. When you read it you can tell I was avoiding the inevitable. It sort of reads… and then some stuff happened, the end! That made the editing harder than the writing, because it wasn’t until the editing that I really dove into the details and the emotion and forced myself to experience that right along with Alena. It really was not fun. Nor was the backlash from my beta readers! I think I told you this, but I have one beta reader who still hasn’t forgiven me and will just randomly yell at me over that ending in the middle of a critique.


Do you have a writing process? Like, certain things you do when you’re writing, or things you eat/drink during? I want to hear all about the process, because I know it’s different for everyone. Do you write any of it by hand, or is it all on the computer?


Ah yes – process – the mystical thing. So much ink has been spilled on this topic, but you’re absolutely right, process is different for every writer. My process is probably considered somewhat unhealthy, to be perfectly frank. I definitely don’t have writing habits that would make one of those “10 healthy writing habits” articles I see all the time. First of all, I don’t write every day. That’s something you hear frequently in writing circles – you must write every day. I don’t. I write a lot, but some days I just don’t feel like it, and I don’t force myself. I also don’t adhere to those “word count goals”. For me, they’re silly. If I don’t have 3,000 words in me, then I don’t have 3,000 words in me that day. I hate to sound trite, but I really do consider writing art, and art isn’t quantifiable. I’m not pumping out words to be the next big thing or publish all the books as quickly as possible, I’m writing to be the best version of myself. If I’m forcing myself to do it to fit into some box, then I’m not being authentic and it’s not enjoyable. If writing wasn’t enjoyable to me anymore… what a terrible thought. So I don’t force it. I write when I’m inspired, as cliche as it sounds. I’m fortunate to be inspired quite a bit, so it works out.


When I’m writing, I also tend to write until I can’t think straight anymore. That’s another traditionally unhealthy habit. Hemingway famously said to stop when you know what will happen next, that way you’re never stuck. It’s good advice, but I don’t take it. I write until I’m completely drained. My process is very “binge-y”. And when I’m “in the zone” I basically tune out the rest of the world. Sometimes I’ll go days without eating, though I never go without coffee. Coffee is my lifeblood when I’m writing. Those two things – not eating and drinking way too much coffee are unhealthy in general. I’m not kind to my body most of the time, so if you can write another way, I recommend doing that. My process is definitely not a model to follow.


One thing I do recommend, however, is writing by hand. I write absolutely everything by hand. My entire first draft is written by hand, then transcribed onto the computer. My edits are done by hand after I’ve printed drafts. Writing by hand is out of fashion, but it comes highly recommended from me. I tend to be long-winded (I bet you couldn’t tell), and writing by hand helps me curb that tendency, because it slows me down. I have to think more about each letter, each word. I also like682-11 to write by hand because I do a ton of writing in the bathtub (also cliche, I know), and it’s easier to have a legal pad in the bath than a laptop. Sometimes I listen to music, but it depends on my mood and what kind of scene I’m writing. Sometimes I need complete silence. The one thing I can’t do, though, is write with a TV on in the background. The sound of people speaking is incredibly jarring to me when I’m writing, to the point it’s almost painful. I also have a terrible habit of becoming incredibly cranky when people interrupt me when I’m writing, so it’s probably good I live alone!

How long would you say it takes you to write your first draft out – before you transcribe it onto the computer?

I swear one of these drafts I’m going to keep track of that, because I get asked this often enough to wonder myself! I would estimate it’s about 3 months of work, and I have no idea how many hours. Lots. Lots and lots of hours. Hundreds.

Would you class Changing Tides as a young adult novel, or more middle grade, or leaning towards adult? In other words, will you ever include some slightly more explicit scenes in your books? I’m thinking somewhere along the line of Sarah J Maas’ books where sex is heavily implied, and beautifully described, but it’s not erotica or pornographic.

Ah, this is another really great question, and one that will require a few confessions on my part. First, I was extremely late to the Maas train. I hadn’t actually read any of her work until after The Wheel Mages came out and a couple people compared it to her. Obviously, I was intrigued, so I picked up the first book of each series and proceeded to consume every one of her books within about 6 days. Love her. She lives in the county over from mine, too, so maybe there’s something in the water, I don’t know.

The other thing I have to confess is I didn’t actually realize there was this newish subcategory of YA called “New Adult” until my editor suggested I consider reclassifying The Wheel Mages as YA/NA. That said, the way she described it to me, is basically the classification has less to do with the content (although content can push you over the edge) than it does to do with the voice of the character and the character’s age. Alena is 18 in The Wheel Mages. At the start of The Blood Mage, three years have gone by, so she’s 21. This puts me firmly in the older YA/NA classification all by itself, without regard to content.

With regard to content, sexually explicit/suggestive content is something I’ve been researching a lot lately. This subject is rapidly developing in YA, and I’m excited to develop with it. Like we were just discussing when it comes to labels though, I think the thought behind content goes back to remaining true to your world and your characters. There can’t be sex just for the sake of sex, it has to be authentic to your characters. At the same time, there can’t not be sex just because you don’t want to “go for it” in your writing. I think an author’s job is to be unafraid when it comes giphy2to displaying truth, but every character’s truth is different. Without revealing too much, I will say that readers will see this discussion play out in The Blood Mage. Something else they’ll see is an issue I feel is extremely critical not just to the audience, but to this period in history, and that’s the issue of consent. I’ll also just go ahead and tease the fact that my editor is a member of the Romance Writers of America, and I’m really looking forward to working with her on this book.


Going now to the LGBTQ+ characters, are you planning on having any same-sex relationships take central stage in future books? Two characters with a relationship that fans can really, really ship – like Cassandra Clare’s Magnus and Alec?


I just have to say, I love Magnus and Alec. What a great coupling, seriously well done on Clare’s part. Magnus especially is such a well-developed personality, I adore him. That aside, the answer is absolutely yes. Readers will see a same-sex coupling in The Blood Mage front and center, in the first few paragraphs of the book, actually. They’re a pair I’m super excited about, and I hope readers will be excited about them too. They literally came to me in a dream. I sprung out of bed at 3 o’clock in the morning and ran to the other room to jot down notes because I didn’t want to forget anything.

Speaking of Magnus though, in the books he specifically says that he’s bisexual – he actually uses the word, which is rare since a lot of authors (and people) avoid that particular label/term. Do you think this is an important thing, and do you think you’ll have any canon bisexual characters in your books that use the word bisexual to describe themselves?

That’s a really interesting question, and it’s one I haven’t put a ton of thought into, to be completely honest. Because the Changing Tides series is set in a time and place that’s sort of modeled after the Victorian period (loosely, at least), labels aren’t something I’ve had to put a ton of thought into. Obviously, the exploration of relationships and sexuality is something that appears throughout my work, but I’ve largely been able to avoid label issues due to the nature of the world. The Trade Nations aren’t exactly enlightened, nor is the Sanctum.

I do think though, that if it’s authentic to your world, you shouldn’t skirt around an issue just because you might be afraid it’ll turn someone off or scare away readers or whatever other reason authors might have for shying away from particular issues or terms. You need to be true to your characters and your world. Otherwise, why are you writing? For Clare, I think Magnus calling himself bisexual is extremely authentic. Clare’s Shadowhunter world is essentially present day, and labels are part of our world. For the word bisexual to be dodged would be kind of strange, I’d think, because here, in the present day, we have a word for Magnus’ sexuality, but that’s a somewhat recent development in terms of history. The term bisexual wasn’t used in its modern sense until the early 160217ad3a9da7eeadce3bcf2e8bd015f890s. And even then it wasn’t used colloquially, but was primarily relegated to academia, so for it to appear in a world like the world of the Trade Nations would be almost anachronistic. Anachronisms are particularly jarring for me as a reader and a lover of history, so I try to avoid them in my writing as much as possible. You’ll also notice I don’t use labels like “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” either, because they didn’t come about until after WWI. Instead, I default to the older “lover”. I think the main thing to remember is that when you’re writing, you’re not ticking off boxes, you’re creating a world, and that world has rules, and social norms, and customs, and cultures, and you have to always have those in the back of your mind.

Hm…I realize I haven’t really answered your question precisely, but it made me think so I might have gone a bit off tangent. Straight answer: I think it’s important to call a character what he or she would call him or herself, regardless of how it might be received or how it might make you feel. Also, there will be (are) characters in my upcoming books who are bisexual (look for the third book and the new series for them), but based on the world, they probably won’t use that label to describe themselves. I actually almost wish it was true to my world, because it would be easier to use our more precise modern language. The word bisexual doesn’t make me uncomfortable at all, but the word lover sure does!

Did you ever have your own version of Nikolai? Someone who took you and helped you for the better, someone you look up to?

You know that saying that women tend to fall for men like their fathers? I think that’s at least a little true for me, and Nikolai is a bit of a reflection of that. I’m not saying Nikolai is in any way based off my father – weird – but he does have some qualities I admire in a man which I’m sure I admire because I see them in my dad. Nikolai is, in my mind, a consummate protector, and that’s something my dad is too. I’m my dad’s only child, and he’s incredibly protective of me. In a dad, that’s great, but in a partner, I think it’s much more complicated, and I try to touch on that a little bit in the book.



Have you any plans for a sequel at the moment? What’s happening on that front?

Absolutely! The Wheel Mages is the first book in a trilogy. The whole trilogy is already drafted, and Book Two, The Blood Mage, is due to my editor on Monday actually. The editing process is longer than the writing process or has been for me thus far. My content editor, Katie, will see the entire book at least twice and certain scenes more than that before it’s passed off to my copy editor. So that process goes something like:  Katie reads it and provides “big picture” feedback. She’ll look for plot holes and character development issues, she’ll tell me what’s paced funny, what needs development, what is too developed, things of that nature. Then she’ll send it back to me to make changes. I’ll make changes based on her suggestions, and she’ll see it again and provide additional feedback and let me know if I’m o2016-01-28-1454001267-3939501-20081203_redpensn the right track, so to speak. That will go on back and forth for a few months, then when it’s at a point we’re both happy with, I’ll send it to the copy editor, who will look at it for the minutia. The copy editor is the one with the red pen. She’ll fix grammar and redundancy, tell me if certain phrases don’t make sense or seem to be out of character for the voice of the character, the kind of line by line finishing touches stuff. After that, the book will be ready for formatting, which is a nightmare of a process I dread.

Anyway, while the book is with the editors, I’ll work with my graphic designer on cover art and new promo material and eventually, many months down the road, these pieces will all fall into my lap (or really, my hard drive) and I’ll fit them together to create a book. I’m hoping this will happen sometime in late June or early July. Then we’ll start all over again!

I’m also currently working on a completely different series still in the Sanctum universe but set several centuries before Alena’s time, which I’m really excited about as well. I don’t want to reveal too much about it, but I’ll tell you it’s written in third person close (which is actually my preferred POV), not first person, and there’s a princess.

Is there any characters in particular from ‘The Wheel Mages’ that you think would do good in their own spin off series? Like how Maria V Snyder has spin off series’ for smaller characters from her original Study series. I know I’d love to see a series about Celine in particular.

Yeah, actually, I was recently contemplating what a spinoff might look like for Celine. She’ll be back for The Blood Mage, but there’s this three-year gap between the books in which she has quite an interesting back story that I know and is hinted at in the next book but I would love to explore more, maybe even in standalone or novella form. Genevieve, too, has a crazy three years in between books which one of my betas is extremely insistent I explore further, and may happen in long-short form.

The one thing I will tell you you won’t see though, that has been requested, and I’m sort of opposed to, is Nikolai pre-Alena. I don’t know if my heart could bear it, nor do I think there’s enough conflict in his past to make for a very interesting spinoff.

What do you see for yourself in say, ten years time? What do you imagine you’ll be doing then? Will you be like J.K Rowling or Cassandra Clare, and still be releasing material for this world you’ve created in Changing Tides, or will you have wrapped up this series and into a new one?

If I ever become like J.K. Rowling or Cassandra Clare in terms of success… I’m grinning like an idiot. That’s quite a big dream.

Oh, sorry, you meant in terms of what world I’ll be working in, right? In that case, I have two more series in the works for the world of the Sanctum right now, so I’ll be there for awhile. That doesn’t mean that will be the only world I’ll be set in though, because there are plenty of other ideas running around in the attic.


Now, let’s let everyone else have a chance to get to know you a little better – I’m going to ask you a string of random questions (like, really random) and you just answer them, okay?

The last three shows on your Netflix watched list?

“The Propaganda Game”, “Winter on Fire”, “WWII and the Man of Steel” (I might have mentioned I’m a bit of a history nerd)

Your favourite song at the moment?

This one is tough because it depends on my mood what genre of music I even listen to, but at this exact moment I’m super into Sia’s “The Greatest”. It’s like my girl power anthem helping me through this last push of edits. Katy Perry’s “Rise” gets credit for this same period during the process for The Wheel Mages.

Main celebrity crush of the moment?

Hands down Trevor Noah. I have not crushed on a celebrity so hard since I was 18 and in love with Shannon Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars.

Favourite colour?

Blue, specifically Carolina blue.

What would your last meal alive be?

Probably some combination of battered cheese fries and Panera broccoli cheddar soup. I’m not ashamed to admit I have a love affair with cheese.

Guilty pleasures?

Eating copious amounts of cheese.

If you could trade places with one of your own characters, who would it be?

Yikes, that’s tough because I’m not particularly kind to my characters. This question feels a bit like karma! Probably Lukas though, you’ll meet him in the next book.

Early bird or night owl?

Night owl for sure, although I don’t sleep much at all to be honest

Cake or pie?

Pie, definitely. I don’t actually like cake, which apparently makes me weird.

Ross or Rachel?

Ross. I’m a total geek. I relate.

America or UK?

Well, I AM American, but things are kinda crazy here right now, and I like being able to reach Europe so easily, so I feel like I have to go with U.K. Plus, the accent is lovely.

Books or movies?

Books, obvi.

Washing dishes, or doing laundry?

These are both equally terrible and go in the “put off as long as humanly possible” category. But because I hate folding more than most everything, I will say dishes.

Personal chef or personal fitness trainer?

Chef, definitely. Working out is something I also put in the “put off as long as humanly possible” category.

Spicy or mild?

Spicy!!! All the hot sauce and peppers please!

Kittens or puppies?

I love both but I’ve fostered both and kittens are vastly easier to take care of,  so kittens.

Favourite Disney movie?

So hard to choose, but probably Frozen. “Let it Go” is another anthem song for me.


Thank you so much, Aimee, for this interview – I love how much of an insight I got into you, and your writing, and the whole Changing Tides series.

If you want to see more of Aimee, you can follow her on any of her social media:

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And if you want to read ‘The Wheel Mages’ for yourself, you can click on either of these links here:

Goodreads | Amazon UK

Happy reading!

Blogger Interview – Heir of Glitter

So, here on Shih Tzu Book Reviews, I have  a little feature that I call Blogger Interviews (by the way, if anyone can  think of a cooler name, I’m all ears) and now it’s Olivia’s turn to get interviewed.


I actually did a Blogger Spotlight on Olivia a while back, so once you finish reading this, take a jump on over there and have a gander at that.

Now…on with the post!


Tell me a little about your blog – how did you come up with the name/URL for it?

I knew I wanted to include glitter somehow, because I love it as much as Magnus Bane does. XD Then I was trying to incorporate glitter into the title of one of my favorite books, which at the time were the Throne of Glass books. My ultimate favorite was Queen of Shadows, but I thought “Queen of Glitter” sounded a bit too girly, so I went with my second favorite, Heir of Fire. Then “Heir of Glitter” was born. 😀


How long have you been blogging?

I posted my first post on September 13, 2015, so…nearly 9 months. 😀

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about being a book blogger?

My favorite thing is interacting with other bloggers and talking about books, because I’ve yet to make any real life reader friends. 😉


My least favorite thing…would have to be making time to write a post. Now that I’m on summer break I have much more time, but I try to balance reading a lot and posting frequently. During the school year, the challenge is balancing school work and blogging. :/

What’s been your favourite post that you’ve posted so far?

Oh, gosh…I don’t know. Probably any of my discussions, because I love talking to people and comparing opinions. 😀 I also like doing reviews, especially for hyped books it’s taken me forever to read – Vampire Academy, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and soon Six of Crows.

Are you planning any new features for your blog?

Not at the moment, but I might try to come up with something fun over the summer. 🙂

If you could take over any book blog for a week, who would you take over and what would you do with their blog?

I wouldn’t want to take over anyone’s blog, because it’s their own little spot of the Internet, and I know I wouldn’t want anyone taking over mine. 😉

If you could move to any fictional universe, which would you choose to inhabit?

PRYTHIAN. That’s from the A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy, if any of you don’t know. ❤


In your opinion, which fictional couple would you happily break up? And which couple would you lock in a room until they were happily, deliriously in love?

I would break up any relationship Tamlin got involved in. He doesn’t deserve anyone. He should be alone. XD But seriously, probably Lara Jean and Peter from my current read, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, because I don’t like Peter. ^.^

And who would I lock in a room to make them fall in love? Feyre and Rhys don’t need any help. XD So…Rose and Mason from Vampire Academy, because Rose needs to get over Dimitri. He’s seven years older and the idea of them is just weird. ._.

Who are your top five auto-buy authors?

Sarah J. Maas, Cassandra Clare, Rick Riordan, Marissa Meyer, and…probably Jennifer L. Armentrout. They’re all evil geniuses. 😀



Pizza or Burgers? Neither. 0.0

Music or books? Both, but if I had to pick one, books. 😉

Guys or food? Food. Duh. Unless we’re talking fictional guys… XD


Tamlin or Rhysand? RHYSAND. ❤ I loved Tamlin in ACOTAR but after reading ACOMAF he can just leave.

Ugly and smart, or pretty and dumb? I don’t think anyone is really ugly, but…ugly and smart. I’d rather have brains than looks. 😉

Bath or shower? Shower.

Beach or pool? Beach, for sure. I don’t live close to any, but I definitely prefer them. 😀

Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction, of course.

Hermione or Katniss? Both…okay, Hermione.

Online or offline? This is hard. I like being online to blog and offline to read…but offline. Because if I didn’t read, I wouldn’t have a blog anyway! 😉

Girls or guys? Girls. I have nothing against guys, but I think girls are easier to relate to in books and real life. Not to mention, all but one of my favorite characters and authors are girls. It’s not intentional, it just happens. 🙂

John Green or David Levithan? John Green.


LGBT books or hetero books? I like both, but I’ll always prefer LGBT because books need more diversity. 😀

Jace or Will? I love all Herondales! >.< But I guess I have to say that Will did steal a little bit more of my heart than Jace.


(Credit – Felwyn on Deviantart )

Thank you so much for doing this, Olivia!

To anyone else, if you want to be a part of this feature, then shoot me an email at, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy reading!

Blogger Interview – Daydreaming Books

And I’m back with another blogger interview! This time, I’m getting to put the questions to Poulami, AKA Daydreaming Books! Yay for book bloggers! Before we get into the actual questions though, take a minute to drool over the gorgeousness that is her blog header:
Feeling that blog envy now? Yeah, me too.


Tell me a little about your blog – how did you come up with the name/URL for it?

I really don’t have much bookish friends in my real life and I desperately wanted to share my thoughts and do some fangirling as well. After I discovered that so many people blogged about books (I really didn’t have much idea about this before 2015! Crazy… I know!) from Goodreads, I decided to start my own book blog. My blog mainly consists of reviews of the YA and NA category because I love both, some tags and my discussion feature called Daydreaming Discussions!


Well… how I came with the name of my blog is a weird story. Mainly because I started my blog on an impulse at 3 A.M. in the morning so that’s why that crazy long url. I wish I could change it, but what’s done is done. I changed my blog name three to four times, I wasn’t satisfied until I finally came up with the name Daydreaming Books- I love daydreaming, I love books and I most definitely love daydreaming about books! Hence I love this name and I’ve stuck with it since.


How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging a little more than a year now. But I pretty much still feel like a newbie!


What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about being a book blogger?

My most favourite thing is that I get to talk and fangirl with so many people who share the love of books just like me and in the process I have made some pretty awesome friends as well!

And the thing that’s my least favourite is that sometime the I forget that I’m blogging for myself and I let the pressure of blogging get to me, though I’m working on it now!



What’s been your favourite post that you’ve posted so far?

I love writing my posts for my feature, Daydreaming Discussions. I especially loved both writing and talking about my post on love triangles and why I hate it so much and consider it much worse than a zombie apocalypse! So I think it’s one of my favourites!


If you could take over any book blog for a week, who would you take over and what would you do with their blog?


Eeeeh such a tough question! There are a million blogs out there that I love so much! But I’m pretty much happy with my one. But to answer your question I would love to take over Cait @ Paper Fury’s blog for a week. Her posts are always hilarious and full of cake and dragons! I really don’t have a clue though what I would do with it but I think I would cause more of a disaster than any good and she would end up either eating me or burning me! 😛


If you could move to any fictional universe, which would you choose to inhabit?

I’m torn between two. First of all I love Hogwarts and all the witchy stuff, so it’s an obvious choice. And my other choice is The House of Night universe from The House of Night series from P.C. and Kristin Cast. It’s a school for vampyres and I’ve always loved them. Other than that, I looooved that school and mainly because I think the classes were held at night and being an insomniac I would have loved that. Plus the teachers and everything else were pretty cool too!


In your opinion, which fictional couple would you happily break up? And which couple would you lock in a room until they were happily, deliriously in love?


For the former question, I would have answered from Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare but I’m still in the middle of it. So…*Spoilers* I would go with Stark and Zoey from The House of Night series. Mainly because I loved her with Heath and that was my OTP!! *cries*


Uhh… well for the latter one I’ll go with Will and Tessa from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. I mean they both have strong feelings for each other but they are too stubborn to accept the fact! But I ship them so much… it hurts!



Who are your top five auto-buy authors?


Cassandra Clare, Rainbow Rowell, Dan Brown, Colleen Hoover and Marissa Meyer!




Now for the quickfire round! Let the questions begin!



Netflix or Chill?

Netflix just became available in India this year, I haven’t tried that yet and I haven’t even heard of Chill. Oops!


Pizza or Burgers?


Music or books?

Both! I can’t live without either of them!

Guys or food? 

Guys can wait… I’m jumping the food train.

Ugly and smart, or pretty and dumb?

I believe everybody is beautiful in their own way but if I have to answer, then I’ll go with the former.

Bath or shower?


Beach or pool?

I love the beach!’

Fiction or non-fiction?


Hermione or Katniss?

Hermione. Definitely Hermione.


Online or offline?

Online. Always!

Girls or guys?


John Green or David Levithan?

I’ve only read TFIOS by John Green and I’ve yet to read any book by David Levithan. So I really don’t know!



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Blogger Interview – Cristina (My Tiny Obsessions)

Yay! Another blogger interview! I’m really loving this feature, because you get to have a little sneak peek into the minds of fabulous bloggers, like Cristina. Cristina blogs over at My Tiny Obsessions, and she’s such an awesome person, so go and show her blog some love after you finish reading this.



Now, on with the interview!


How did this blog get started? How did the name come to be?

I started my blog over 3 years ago. I had recently moved to Barcelona and I was feeling a bit lonely without anyone to share my TV and movies obsessions, so I decided that a blog might help. So… My Tiny Obsessions…


How long have you been blogging?

3 years and 4 months… time flies!


What was it like when you started out blogging? What was going through your head with each post?

I started with TVshows recaps, so my thought was mostly to pour out everything I felt in regards to those specific episodes and so on. No pressure, no anything, just like I was talking to myself outloud.


What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about being a book blogger?

My favorite thing has to be the book blogging community. The worst I think it’s maybe the pressure I end up putting on myself, to post frequently, to reach a certain number of views, etc.


How many themes did you have to go through before you settled on the one you have now?

Just one before the one I currently have. I’m a person with fixed ideas ;).


What’s your favourite gif to use in a blog post?

SO MANY!!! But I love this one:


If you could take over any book blog for a week, who would you take over and what would you do with their blog?

Oh boy… maybe weird question, but I wouldn’t want to do that. At all. A Blog is such a personal space, I wouldn’t want to intrude in anyone else’s.


Which fictional guy would you want to wake up next to tomorrow morning and why?

Hmmmm, it’s still Rowan Whitethorn from the Throne of Glass series. Do I need to give a reason? If you read the books, you know!


Which book would you love to see as a movie?

I just finished a book a couple of days ago that I think would be perfect for a movie: Tone Deaf by Olivia Rivers. I would love to see a teen movie with a deaf protagonist. The book deals with so many serious topics and I think it would be a hell of a movie.



Now for the quick fire!


Saver or spender?



Glasses or contacts?



Raisins or nuts?



Grapes or wine?



France or Germany?



Water or lemonade?



Boyband pop or hard metal?

Boyband pop.


Girls or guys?



3 or 7?

7! Always my favorite number.


Online or offline?

Online. always.


Fiction or non-fiction?



Tobey Maguire Spiderman or Andrew Garfield Spiderman?

Andrew Garfield! Without a doubt!


Haha, yeah I definitely agree. Andrew Garfield is also my idea of the perfect young Remus Lupin, but that’s besides the point.


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‘Winter’ Readalong – ft Cristina

Oh wow, this is amazing! Okay, so way back in December, I was browsing Goodreads when I saw that Cristina (My Tiny Obsessions) was reading ‘Cress’, so I asked if she’d want to do a readalong of ‘Winter’ when she got to it. She agreed, and we started in January. This is the ensuing conversation that followed, which somehow involves unexpected fairytale elements, Dean Winchester, and ‘Winter’ fancasts…..

(By the way, the red is Cristina, and the black is mine)


This is so exciting – I’ve never done a readalong before, and this is actually the perfect book for one, because there’s so much to talk about. One thing I noticed in particular while reading it, was when they start the rebellion in the sector – it just reminded me so much of Catching Fire, and the rebellions in the districts. Did you notice that?

I DID!!! I was reading it and thinking “man, this sounds so much like THG” :D. I thought it was cool though, the similarities were there, but it wasn’t excessive or anything. I also really liked the role that each of the girls – Cinder, Winter and Scarlet – had on these small rebellions, because it became clear to me (and I hope to anyone) that they truly were a team, and even if Cinder was the one who would rule, she wasn’t the only important one.

Still on the comparisons with The Hunger Games, the rebellions weren’t the only similar thing. The way that the sectors were divided in terms of production was also very much like THG, right?

YES! I noticed that as well – they were all organised into different productions, like lumber, or coal mining.

I like that it’s similar to THG, but it’s not a rip-off. It’s so original and awesome -I’ve even got my brother in reading the series now. He’s halfway through Cinder.

We can see a lot of elements of other books and obviously of the fairytales throughout the storyline, but never ever do they feel like a rip-off or like something that has been done a 1000 times. I really loved how Meyer introduced the key moments of each fairytale into the story, for instance with Winter’s “casket” or with Kai giving the “shoe” (in the case, the foot) to Cinder.


The Thailand cover for Cinder is so cool!!!!

On a different note, how did you feel about the characters in this book, especially the new ones?

I thought that this was the book that Kai finally came into his own. While Cinder had grown a lot as a character in Scarlet and Cress already, we only got small glimpses at Kai at those times, and always cornered. Here, when he finally has control, he was awesome.

I also (finally) loved Scarlet. I hasn’t liked her much in books 2 and 3, but here she was bad ass, and I think that she was finally completely fleshed out too.

I’ll say that Winter and Jacin were my least favorites of the gang, Winter’s craziness at times was a bit too much.

I absolutely loved Kai in this one – he’s got more control and he knows what’s going on (sort of), Also, I loved his witty comebacks and basically being a sassy little thing a lot of the time. There was a lot of character development from ‘Cinder’ to now, and he has definitely grown as a character.

As for Winter, I have mixed feelings about her. I identify with her in that she has issues but she isn’t useless. She is actually very high-functioning, and I think if there was a modern version of it, with no cyborgs and aliens and whatever, she would be written as having autism. She can function perfectly well, she just sees the world in a different way to everyone around her.

Winter_Portrait (1)

Wolf has been one of my favourites ever since ‘Scarlet’, and I am brimming over with ideas for fluffy fanfics with him and Scarlet, but Thorne is always my ultimate favourite. He’s got so many layers to him, and he’s quite a complex character under the surface, which I like a lot.

What did you think of Captain Strom?

You’re right about what you said about Winter, though I admit that all the blood in her visions and her freak outs were a bit weird sometimes for me.

Poor Wolf, seriously! I was reading this book and all the while I was thinking: “damn, Wolf and Scarlet can’t catch a break!”. I think they are definitly the ones who suffered more throughout this whole series. It’s just so unfair that he got changed, though I loved Scarlet reaction to it, or her lack of it.

God, Thorne is perfection! Seriously, the way he’s so nervous around Cress and how he just can’t find the words, was so damn cute :D.

Do you mean Alpha Strom? I thought it was a shame that he ended up dead =/, he could have been of great service. I liked how protective he turned out to be of Scarlet and Winter.

What’s your opinion of Kinney? And is it weird that I ship him with Iko?

No, I thought the same thing. I would love to see a spin-off book or series about Iko after the ending of ‘Winter.’ She is very human-like, and I’d like to see how she would possibly be in a relationship or with someone who likes her that way.

What could that be called if it was a book?

I have no idea! Meyer likes retellings, but I don’t know what could possible fit in her story… maybe a retelling of Pinocchio?

I’m kind of hopping that we get to see something between them at the epilogue of Stars Above though. By the way, “The Wedding of the Century” that will be coming in Stars Above… for who do you reckon it is?


I think it’d be too obvious to have the wedding be for Cinder and Kai, so maybe it could be for Cress and Thorne? They’re romantics, so they could have a proper fairytale wedding.

What do you think?

I think the only way it can be the wedding of the century is if it IS between Cinder and Kai. I would love to see Cress and Thorne married, for sure, but a shell and a criminal? I don’t see it as really important for everyone, you know? Although, for me, it’s the most important one 😀

Well, he’s not technically a criminal anymore – he’s been pardoned. But yeah, I guess it probably would be Cinder and Kai – a huge ceremony, broadcast all over.

Which pairing do you love the most?

Loads of cameras everywhere!

I’m very partial to Cress and Thorne! So the order would be: Cress+Thorne, Kai+Cinder, Wolf+Scarlet and Winter+Jacin.

What about you?

Cress/Thorne, Wolf/Scarlet, Cinder/Kai, Kinney/Iko, Jacin/Winter.

(and then Levana/herself as an afterthough. :))
Totally forgot about Iko there! Yeah, I ship her with Kenney, but he wasn’t nice enough to her to trump over Winter and Jacin… eheh

Oh, and also Thorne/Rampion. He loves that ship like Dean Winchester loves his Impala.


OHHHHH, such a good comparison! I I had laugh out loud when I read that, because IT IS SO TRUE!

I admit that I shed a tear when Cinder requested his pardon and when Thorne told Cress about the Rampion :D. I was so happy that he was getting everything he wanted – minus 3 fingers!

Cress and Thorne are total cutie pies. She’s been fangirling over him for so long, and then they met, and it turned into true love.

That’s what I love about this series – it’s fairytale true love, but it’s realistic as well. They don’t just fall in love at first sight, and they have their own relationship difficulties, and it’s all so amazing to read about.

That’s what I loved more about the third book, Cress. I think that Thorne and Cress’ relationship is the one we actually see all the steps of, and maybe that’s why it’s my favorite. I loved when they were in the desert and he was blind and he trusted her completely, and how we can see his feelings growing step by step, and her feelings becoming more real than anything she thought possible.

If the Lunar Chronicles became a tv show (I think it’d work better as a show than a movie, because there’s so much depth to it) who do you think could play the different characters?

I think Godfrey Gao would make an excellent Kai tbh.

Oh wow… I think it would work better as a TV show as well, mainly because there are so many central characters.

Now, the actors is a lot harder… I love Godfrey Gao, but I think he looks a bit on the older side to play a believable Kai.


Maybe Christopher Larkin or Mario Maurer as Kai.

There’s one person I’ve always pictured in my mind as Sybil Mira, and that is Ruth Negga from Agents of SHIELD. I think the characters reminded me too much of Raina.

Amandla Stenberg would be perfect as Winter.

Holland Roden seems to be a popular choice for Scarlet. I never saw her act, but she has the looks.

AnnaSophia Robb might work as Cress, she’s very tiny. Or maybe Sierra McCormick?

No idea about anyone else…

I think Christopher Larkin would make a great Kai actually – he’s a great actor, and he could play the role well.

I’d love Emma Stone to be the voice of Iko – that’d be so cool. She’s got an enthusiasm that would bring Iko the life she has in the books.


Which book of the whole series is your favourite/least favourite?

I love ‘Scarlet’ because Wolf and Scar are my OTP, but I found ‘Winter’ to drag by a little.


Emma Stone to voice Iko could be hilarious. But what about when she gained a body?

I think Cinder was my least favorite actually. I was never a big fan of the Cinderella story, and with only Cinder and Kai in the first book, the plot drags a bit, especially when Pearl and Adri are concerned… I hate them.

I loved Winter, and it will probably rate higher because it had a lot more action, but I think that my favorite is still Cress, mainly because I love Cress and Thorne, together and apart, and that book was such a delight in terms of these 2 characters.

You felt that Winter dragged? I didn’t really feel it to be honest.I was actually surprised by the amount of plot twists that the book had.

It just felt way too long for me – maybe that’s just me being nitpicky, I don’t know.

Have you read any of the in-between stories like ‘Glitches?’ I read Glitches last year, and I loved it. It was a little peek into Cinder’s past, and I loved seeing the start of her relationship with Peony (I miss Peony…)

Yeah, at 800 pages it WAS long! lol

I haven’t read it yet, though I have it – my edition of Cinder has Glitches at the end, but at the time I didn’t read it… I think I’ll wait for Stars Above to read all of them.

I really want to read ‘The Little Android’ – I might read it once I finish my current book as a filler between larger ones. Something light and fluffy to give me an endorphin boost.

Is that one about Iko? I love Iko! 😀

She just wants to be…part of your world! I love Iko, she’s literally the best part of the whole series even when she’s just the Rampion without a body. Sometimes you forget she’s even an android/robot because she has such human characteristics.

YES! Unless she was being attacked and destroyed, I always thought of her as human. 

Wait, you just put a thought in my head… “part of your world”? OMG! Is she The Little Mermaid? 😛

Did you not get that? Haha, yeah she’s meant to be the little mermaid. Only she’s the little android instead.

I thought that was obvious, but maybe not.


I never even considered it. Sure, some things did cross my minds, but her personality is so not like Ariel, that I blocked it out. WOOW!!! I love that!

I love how Marissa Meyer just tangled all these stories like it was nothing! 😀 WOW. Any more element that I missed? 😛

What rating out of five would you give ‘Winter?’ I’d rate it a four, because it was great, but wasn’t fangirl-worthy. It didn’t give me that squishy, fluffy, giggly feeling that a totally awesome book does.

Oh, I kind of get that, I think that the size of the book probably didn’t help in all those feelings, right? 

For me it was still very much a 5 stars rating. I think it managed to tie all the loose ends, and it left me satisfied :D.


This was totally awesome to do – even if it took us ages to do (oops!) – and I would love to do another readalong with anyone who would be up for it. A big shoutout to Cristina for agreeing to do this with me, and you should all go check out her blog because she’s awesome.

Stay tuned for the review of ‘Winter’ coming in the next few days.

Happy reading!

Blogger Interview – Husband And Husband



I’m so excited for this feature – this was inspired from my blog spotlight posts, where I write a bit about different blogs that I love, and now I’m going to actually interview the bloggers themselves. Naturally, there was only ever one choice for the first blogger interview; the first bloggers whom I ever followed during my early days as a baby blogger. This is Aaron and Jonathan, who blog over at Husband And Husband!

The answers in green will be Aaron’s answers, and Jonathan’s will be in blue, so you can tell who is who. Enjoy.


How did your blogging story start? What motivated you to start blogging in the first place? Did you have a blog before this one?

It actually began with Jonathan. I’ll let him get into the details…but when we decided to actually do the blog it just CLICKED. Everything that has been great in our lives has always been when we’re together, or collaborating.

After my first novel got published, my publisher urged me to start a blog. It really didn’t seem like something I was interested in. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, but I love to write stories and I didn’t think I would enjoy writing for a blog. So, I started my own blog, but it didn’t click. I toyed with it for a little, but nothing ever came from it. I always wanted to do something creative with Aaron, something we could share together as husbands. That’s how our blog started and we fell in love with it.


What’s your favourite part about blogging?

My favorite part about blogging is meeting all of the other bloggers in the blogosphere. Living in Los Angeles is amazing because you get to meet all of these diverse people and make friends from all walks of life, but blogging brings that to a whole new level! 

All the awesome people we’ve meet! There are so many really cool people out there and some of them Aaron and I have actually helped and made a difference in their lives. That’s my favorite thing by far.

Is there any downsides that you have found through your own blogging experience?

Time, time, time. If I could blog/create all day, I would love to.

There just isn’t enough time in the day! I work 40 hours a week, write novels around 30-40 hours a week, and then blog whenever I can squeeze in some time. I wish I could take a pill that would allow me to skip sleeping all together so that I would have more time in the day. 🙂

A while ago, you started a fun comic based on the Wizard Of Oz – Dustin In Oz. Will that be coming back any time soon?

I think Dustin In Oz is great! I can’t take any credit for it. Aaron is the mastermind behind the story. I have to say though, I’m extra excited for Aaron’s next Husband & Husband comic series. It’s going to be incredible. 

I heart Dustin! He’s one of our creative love children and I enjoy paving his journey down the rainbow road. I initially started scheduling Dustin of Oz as a spin-off to our regular weekly comic, Husband&Husband. The plan was to release a full episode 15 pages every other month or so. D of Oz started in September, and again released a few pages at the end of November. I would like to release another full lump of episodes preferably before we head to vacation in February,but it all depends on if I can get far enough ahead on our weekly comic.:D


(P.S if you want to see the other comics belonging to these awesome bloggers, then go here. Click it. CLICK IT!)

Are either of you working on anything new at the moment?

Oh man…there is NOT enough time in the day. I can’t even begin to list the comic stories I have in my head that are itching to come to life! Maybe one day I’ll be able to make enough to stay home and work on comics all day…that’s the dream! As for a new project that is getting near-ready to release…I’ve been working on my first fantasy/magical realism comic and I CANNOT wait to share the details. What I can share right now…is that is involves witches, covens, and coming of age. looking to release in February/March.

I’m super busy! I have the sequel to my first novel under review with my publisher, another book about to start editing, and I’m working on another book that I’m really excited for. I’m planning on sharing the first five chapters with our readers very soon(a week or two).

Which social media do you find yourselves using the most often?

Our Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram get the most love. Oh! And Tapastic. 🙂

Ditto to Aaron’s answer

Is there any blogs you read regularly?

Jonathan is the master of the blog, I mostly manage our social media accounts. But I love to read all blogs I come across when hanging out in BlogLand  😀

Well, for starters, we love Shih Tzu Book Reviews! I also love (book reviewer) and (movie reviewer)! 

Aw, thank you! Now it’s time for the quickfire question round. Ready…set….go!


Image c/o whoever made it. I found it on Google Images.

Batman or Superman?
Coffee or tea?
Tea—caffeine free
Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
White chocolate
DARK chocolate
DC or Marvel?
DC…no Marvel…no DC!
Tattoos or piercings?
Tattoos, but love ’em both
Chinese takeout or Indian?
Morning or night?
Go-to comfort food?
Mongolian BBQ, Pozole, Wingstop.
Cookies, pizza, Chinese food.
Pet peeves?
Rude/People with no manners/Entitlement.
Mean people, internet trolls, people who feel entitled–spoiled brats! 
Dream lazy day?
Blanket forts, video games, chinese take-out, and painting.
Spending the day with Aaron, watching a new television series, popcorn and candy in my lap, Aaron on my side, dog on the other side, cat behind me.
Dream vacation?
Even though we’ve already been there before, London will always been my dream vacation. Aaron and I have a spot there–actually not in London, but close. We call it our “Somewhere Only We Know.” It’s our favorite place in the world.

That’s the end. A huge thank you to Aaron and Jonathan for being so great and doing this interview. I have had so much fun reading your answers, and basically you both are #relationshipgoals.

If you’re a blogger out there, and you want to be featured on either this or my blog spotlight feature posts, then either send me an email at or on Twitter @shihtzureviews.

All the contact info for Jonathan and Aaron is on the blog spotlight post I did, so go look at that….here!

Happy reading!

When We Were Blog Tour – With Alexandra Diaz


I am so thrilled to be doing this – the blog tour for Alexandra Diaz’s amazing book When We Were! This is my first book blog tour, so I’m epicly psyched to get this going.

First of all, thank you SO much to the nice people at Paper Lantern Lit publishing for putting me on this blog tour – it’s an amazing opportunity, and I love it.

In case you’ve been totally living under a rock, here’s some info on both the book, and the fabulous author herself:

The Author:

Alexandra Diaz grew up bilingual in Puerto Rico and various U.S states. Thanks to an overactive imagination, she’s always loved creating stories and ‘what-if’ scenarios. She got her MA in Writing for Young People from Bath Spa University in Bath, England, and is the author of five young adult and middle grade novels. When she’s not writing, she gets paid to walk dogs, teach creative writing, web edit, and parade in costume on stilts; sadly, other things she enjoys – travelling, eating ice cream, and circus aerials – don’t pay. Visit her on Twitter, on Facebook, or at


The Book Itself:

No one messes with Whitney Blaire or her friends, which is why she can’t help but let it slip that someone spotted Tara’s boyfriend making out with one of the guy cheerleaders.

Even after spending hours training for her marathon, down-to-earth Tara can’t outrun the rumors about the boyfriend she thought was perfect.

Pinkie, the rock and “Big Sister” of their inseparable group, just wants things to stay exactly the way they are…

…but that’s not possible when new-girl Riley arrives in school and changes everything.

Suddenly Tara starts to feel things she’s never felt before—for anyone—while Whitney Blaire tries to convince her that this new girl is Trouble. Meanwhile, Pinkie’s world begins to crumble as she begins to suspect that the friends she depends on are not the girls she thought she knew. Can friendship survive when all the rules are broken?

I actually read this for ARC August, so go check out my review here, before you read the interview I did with the author herself (as well as a fun fictional dinner party game).


1) Which writers influence your work?
For this novel, I was influenced by Jaclyn Moriarty, Ann Brashares, and though you’d never guess, J.K. Rowling.

2) Where did the inspiration for When We Were come from? Did you draw on any personal experiences for this book?
It started off with the idea that Brent Staple had done something bad and then snowballed from there. I wanted three characters and the challenge of writing from three POVs. Most of the novel is not taken from personal experience, but there are some indirect issues that are drawn from real life, particularly the question/obsession of why someone hasn’t returned my phone call

3) I absolutely love the cover for the book, by the way. Was there any other cover concepts you considered?


There were a few other options. I considered one with three girls with their backs to the camera and arms around each other, but even from the back view, I couldn’t get over the fact that they didn’t “look” like my girls (Tara in a sundress? Never!). My agent and editor really liked this one with the rose, and I do like the more
“serious” tone it gives.

4)A lot of authors write themselves into their novels as characters –  Which character would you consider to be the most like you?
There is a little of me in everyone, but Pinkie is the one who is probably closest internally though most people wouldn’t guess; my mind is always replaying events and obsessing about what I said and how they other person is interpreting it. Physically, I’m more like Tara in terms of being active and fit, though the idea of going running is a bit laughable. And Whitney Blaire has a lot of emotional issues I can relate to, especially her need to get away. So yes, if you were to put all three girls together, you’d have someone a lot like me. Scary thought!

5) There’s a lot of different issues addressed in the novel – What was the hardest part of When We Were to write?
There are a lot of issues and that was something that appealed to me–that each girl had things to go through. The hardest part was understanding the Brent and Tara relationship and her feelings about what he did, especially when she later becomes attracted to a girl. I talked it over with my Bath writers’ group (who helped me all through the writing process), explaining that I didn’t understand the psychology and they helped me see that it came down to betrayal. The who of Brent’s fling was irrelevant, it was the fact that he had done that made it so hard for Tara and for me to convey.

6) If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self?
Don’t sweat the small stuff. What at one point might have been desperately important, turns out to be irrelevant. And, you can’t change the past, but you can take what you learned in the past to better effect the future.

7) Which famous person, living or dead, would you like to meet and why?
This changes on a regular bases, but today I’m going with the director Gurinder Chadha. She’s the person I’d like to direct my “movies” because we have a similar sense of humor and I love how I can relate to her characters. I see myself in her characters, I want to be like them, and live their lives, something about them just resonates inside. That, in turn, is what I try to recreate in my characters and hope readers feel a similar compassion with them as I do.

8) If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. There are a lot of things that weren’t wrapped up the way I would have liked and things that I was left, even at the end of the book, not understanding. What happened to Umbridge? Were Ron and Hermione never once concerned about Pigwidgeon and Crookshanks? What didn’t Harry just snap the Elder Wand and be done with it? And don’t get me started on how I would remake the movies!

9) What advice would you give to aspiring writers in this day and age?
Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it. If writing is your passion, go for it. Accept criticism, don’t be afraid to revise, attend writers workshops/classes, and be the best writer you can be!

10) What songs did you listen to while writing this book? Any particular artists who inspired you to write?
This novel was written several years ago and I honestly can’t think of any songs that inspired me. I like to write in silence. I also was living in Bath and I didn’t have a car (which means I didn’t listen to the radio). If I played music, it would have been on the iTunes shuffle and nothing stands out to my recollection. However, I promise to have answers to this question with future books!


Now i figured, we could do something called the Literary Dinner Party tag. In this tag, you’re hosting  a dinner party. You can invite any character you want, but there are 10 different categories you need to fill, and there are only room for 11 people:

1. One character who can cook/likes to cook: Big Ma (Caroline Logan)
2. One character who has money to fund the party: Mr. Carrisford aka The Indian Gentleman
3. One character who might cause a scene: Max, especially if it’s a night where he wears his wolf costume and lets the wild rumpus start
4. One character who is funny/amusing: The BFG
5. One character who is super social/popular: Todd Wilkins
6. One villain: Darth Vader
7. One couple – doesn’t have to be romantic: Anna and St Clair
8. One hero/heroine: Charlotte Doyle
9. One underappreciated character: Luna Lovegood
10. One character of your own choosing:  Martha Speaks

Again, thank you very very much to all involved for letting me be a part of this blog tour, and I hope to do it again in future.

Happy reading!