Sunday Update (23/04/17)

Another week, more obsessions! I’m always discovering new stuff, and that’s what this (somewhat) weekly thing is about – me, showing you this cool stuff that’s been occupying me this past week.

Listening to: Figure Me Out – The Summer Set

A new discovery on Spotify, and thank god I did. I’m OBSESSED with this song in particular, but just the band in general, is just awesome.

Reading: Back Piece – L.A Witt

I love, love, love L.A Witt’s writing, as evidenced by the multiple glowing reviews of her stuff on this blog, and this was no exception. Review is yet to come.

Watching: Doctor Who

Because Bill Potts is now officially my favourite Doctor Who companion – I mean, look at this cinnamon roll:



Crocheting: Weebee Standard Size Baby Doll

Finished the body – finally!! Now for the head… #wip #crochet #amigurumidoll #amigurumi #crochetgram

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My pet project at the moment, I’m currently on the head part, and now my safety eyes have arrived from Ebay, I can finally finish the head! After that, it’s the arms and then adding other features, and then done!


Talk to me about these things, and other things you’ve been into this week – trust me, I want to know (because I have no life).

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Update (23/04/17)

  1. Dude, I LOVE The Summer Set! Stories For Monday is such a great album. I think “Jean Jacket” might be my favorite, but it depends. I talked about the return of Doctor Who on Friday lol. I definitely agree about Bill–she’s amazing and is already my favorite companion. She’s kinda like Donna in a way that she’s genuinely fascinated by everything that’s happening. I love that.


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