Weekly Update (22/01/17)

Another week, a whole new set of obsessions. I’m actually surprised by how much I’ve actually done this week, and thus, I shall share them with you, my lovely blogger people.

Listening To: Rose Tint My World – Rocky Horror Picture Show. This song is my jam!


Watching: Riyadh K. I’ve been obsessed with this Irish Youtuber’s videos all week, just because he’s so funny, and open, and very, very attractive. I found him from one of his collabs with Melanie Murphy (another great Youtuber of Irish birth), and I’m glad I did. You should definitely watch his videos, starting with this one:





Reading: Eat, Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ve heard so much about this particular book before, and I’m curious whether it matches up to the hype or not, since I’ve never read the book or seen the movie before.



Discovering: UNICORN HOT CHOCOLATE!!! One of my Youtubers (Noodlerella) did a DIY video the other day about it, and I’m in love with this glittery, edible treat. I mean, look! Pink hot chocolate!

Isn’t it just delicious?




Tell me your weekly obsessions this week – trust me, I want to know! I’m always up for recommendations of any kind, so send them all my way.


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