Update Sunday (15/01/17)

Another Sunday, another update  – this is a thing I do where I let you in on what I’ve been obsessing over this past week. Trust me, there’s stuff here. Let’s get it going:

Reading: The Wheel Mages – Aimee Davis. I got this book from the author herself, and I’m so much in love with it right now! It’s the perfect mix of all my favourite high fantasy elements, and the characters are so freaking awesome that I’m fangirling my head off right now. Now if I could only remember to charge my Kindle so I can read the rest of it…..

Listening: Head Over Boots – Jon Pardi. Oh my god, don’t even get me started on this song!! It’s so cute, and especially after I saw this freaking adorable video on Tumblr.this freaking adorable video on Tumblr. Just yeah, go watch them both.


Watching: Smallville. Lots and lots of Smallville. I know Lex Luthor’s meant to be evil and psychotic, but Michael Rosenbaum just gets to me. I mean, look at him!


Waiting On: Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. As of Friday, the wait is finally over, but all week has been absolutely hell, seemingly dragging by just to torture me with the waiting for this show. I haven’t watched it yet since I’ve been working extra shifts this week at work, but I’m going to binge watch it all tonight. Yay!


First of all, do you think I should make a cool graphic thing for the top of this? I want to make more graphic things for this blog – like paragraph headers, and a new blog header as well – but what do you all think? Let me know your opinions.

Also, if you like any of the things I’ve mentioned above, talk to me, and we can fangirl together (especially over how amazing Michael Rosenbaum is).

Happy reading!


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