Book Review – Afraid To Fly



Title: Afraid To Fly (Anchor Point #2)

Author: L.A Witt

Synopsis: Once a fearless fighter pilot, Commander Travis Wilson is now confined to a desk. It’s been eight years since the near-fatal crash that grounded him, and it still rules his life thanks to relentless back pain.

Lieutenant Commander Clint Fraser almost drowned in a bottle after a highly classified catastrophe while piloting a drone. His downward spiral cost him his marriage and kids, but he’s sober now and getting his life back on track. He’s traded drones for a desk, and he’s determined to reconcile with his kids and navigate the choppy waters of PTSD.

Clint has been on Travis’s radar ever since he transferred to Anchor Point. When Clint comes out to his colleagues, it’s a disaster, but there’s a silver lining: now that Travis knows Clint is into men, the chemistry between them explodes.

It’s all fun and games until emotions get involved. Clint’s never been in love with a man before. Travis has, and a decade later, that tragic ending still haunts him. Clint needs to coax him past his fear of crashing and burning again, or their love will be grounded before takeoff.

Rating: 3 and a half stars


I got this book from the publisher on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Between Travis and Clint, two military veterans, they don’t just have issues – they have the whole freakin’ subscription. Clint’s trying to regain his family life after alcohol destroyed it, and Travis is dealing with PTSD – his own, and his daughter’s – along with pain problems that give him serious limitations in daily life. However, one night after the Navy ball, they find comfort in each other, and things get romantic pretty quickly.

Okay, I have a lot of feelings about this.

Me before reading this (when I saw it was another L.A Witt book):


Me halfway through:



Me after finishing: 


First of all, I love how both the main characters here are bisexual, and nobody at the base seems to really care about it. That’s just very nice to see some positive bi representation, especially in a military background like this.


I also liked that both MCs were in their forties, instead of the usual early-20s twinks you tend to get in MxM fiction. The characters had history, and their own back-stories. Clint has his kids and his ex-wife that he’s unable to see, and Travis suffers from serious back pain that’s barely manageable even with his TENS machine and a whole load of pain medication.

However, the main thing I didn’t like was that there’s a whole lot of military jargon that’s difficult to understand if you’re not intimately familiar with it already. There were times when I found myself having to stop reading to Google what certain phrases and abbreviations meant, because I was clueless. That’s the downside which is why I brought my rating down to a three and a half star rating, because it is a big thing, but I enjoyed the book nonetheless.


I’ve read quite a few of L.A Witt’s books in the past, and I always enjoy her writing – this was no exception. Despite the military jargon that caused me so much confusion, I found myself invested in the characters, and wanting them to have a happy ending. If you enjoy male on male romances with some sexual scenes, this is one for you.


Afraid To Fly is to be published on Jan 19th 2017 by Riptide Publishing.


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