Update Sunday!

Update Sunday!!!! This is where I let you in on my current obsessions – what I’m watching, reading, and listening to on repeat….

Watching: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Well, I’m going to the cinema today to see it, and I’m so excited! I was going to go see it when it came out, but of course, I had to get the flu then, so I couldn’t, and this is the first opportunity I’ve had. So, yay!


Reading: Stealing Snow – Danielle Paige. It’s intriguing, and I liked her Dorothy Must Die, so I’m going to continue on with this.

Listening to: I Don’t Want To Live Forever – Zayn and Taylor Swift. I’m in love with this song lately, and I have no shame about it. Also, I’m really excited to go see Fifty Shades when it comes out in cinemas in February. You can judge me nine ways to Sunday for all I care.

Knitting: A blue striped blanket. I had a ball of Sirdar Touch (fluffiest wool ever!) in my stash bucket, left over from another project I was going to do but abandoned, so I decided to knit it up into a scarf, but then I added a different shade of blue, so now it’s going to be a stripy blue blanket. Watch my Instagram for photos!

Happy reading!


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