Harry Potter Moment Of The Week – 25/08/16

Another meme thing! Also, it’s Harry Potter related, so I’m naturally going to give it a go.

Harry Potter Moment of the Week is a Thursday meme created by Leah of Uncorked Thoughts and hosted by Mimz of Lunar Rainbows which offers a weekly Harry Potter-related prompt.


This week’s prompt is ‘Which non Harry Potter characters would do well at Hogwarts?’

I’ll choose one for each house, because otherwise I’ll be here forever, listing all the book characters I think would do well at Hogwarts.


Gryffindor: Callum McGregor ( Noughts And Crosses)

I debated putting him in Ravenclaw, but he’s too defensive for that, and he definitely suits the house known for its bravery, loyalty, and courage.


Slytherin: Sebastian (Mortal Instruments)

If anyone’s going to be a Slytherin, it’s this two-faced son of a bitch. He’s cunning, arrogant, prideful, and ambitious (maybe a little too much). Slytherin it is!


Ravenclaw: Katy Schwartz (Lux series)

For this book blogger, it’d probably be a dream come true to go to Hogwarts. Yet, Katy would fit in very well as a Ravenclaw – a house known for their wisdom and quirkiness. She could be sending owls back and forth with Daemon, her Slytherin boyfriend, and writing book reviews for the Daily Prophet on the best wizarding YA books of the time.


Hufflepuff: Lucien (A Court Of Thorns And Roses)

I’m pretty sure if you looked up Hufflepuff in the dictionary, you’d see a photo of Lucien. This High Lord is incredibly loyal, and hard-working, and I can imagine him excelling at Defence Against The Dark Arts to prepare for a career as an Auror.


If you decide to take part in this meme, the prompt for next week is listed as ‘Would you rather be friends with Hermione or Ginny?’

Happy reading!


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