If It Only Had A….

I absolutely loved this post concept when I saw it on The Orangutan Librarian’s blog, and since I both love Wizard of Oz and new post ideas, I figured I’d give it a go as well.

Basically, I’m going to list books that were missing a certain element……


Oh, I can think of several books that would benefit from a brain or two in them. First of all, lets kick it off with ‘Twilight’; a book that would never in any universe pass the Bechdel test. Give this book a few brain cells! Also, Soman Chainani’s ‘School of Good And Evil’ struck me as particularly stupid as well – the main character’s more concerned with being a Good, and dating the ‘gorgeous’ prince, than being an actually decent human being. I made it halfway through that book before the dumbness of it all just became too much. Now we’re on the subject of stupid characters though, lets add Nyx from ‘Cruel Beauty’ to the list. If she had any brain of her own, she wouldn’t be so easily swayed from one side to another, and back again.



When I read ‘Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares’, I’m sorry to say that I ended up being more interested in the character of Lily’s older brother Benny. Dash and Lily themselves didn’t get me interested or invested in them. Then we had ‘Reality’ by Dani Hart. Again, I didn’t find myself getting invested in the main characters because to me, they didn’t have any real life to them. Also, talking about no heart, I didn’t feel anything while reading ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ except perhaps indifference. It just didn’t go anything for me, and could definitely have used a bit of heart.





Imagine if J.K Rowling had had the courage to put in an actual gay character that was explicit in the books – instead of Dumbledore who only ‘came out’ once the books were done. I mean, even it was just a little side character who appeared every once in a while, that would have been nice. Also, Meredith Wild could have had the nerve to actually write a story that isn’t a blatant rip off of Fifty Shades – I mean, ‘Hardwired’ had the possibility to be something good, but it was just too similar to Fifty Shades. Finally, I believe that Tabitha Suzuma could have created a really tragic ending to ‘Forbidden’ if she’d had the nerve to make one little change at the end. Eh, it was a good book anyway.


Again, I’m going to say that I absolutely love this post concept, and I might revisit this in a year, and see if my mind will have changed in that time.

Is there any books you feel were missing that certain element? Tell me in the comments, and then go check out Orangutan’s blog which is very very cool.

Happy reading!


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