Book Haul of Extreme Epicness!

I got books!!

I got a big pay this week, so I decided to treat myself to a good book-buying session with the money. As it so happened, I ended up buying six in total. Hey, I couldn’t help it – I got two for only a pound, and the others were a buy-three-get-one-free deal.



Here’s q quick run down of what exactly I got:

1. ‘Catching Fire’ and ‘Mockingjay’ by Suzanne Collins. Goodness, I do love shopping in charity shops. You get stuff for so cheap!


2. ‘Graceling’ by Kristin Cashore. This book is one of my all time favourites but I’ve never been able to find a cheap copy that wasn’t in Large Print – until now!


3. ‘The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight’ by Jennifer E. Smith. You know those books at the shop that you just love so much, but you can’t afford them, so you sort of tuck them behind other books so someone else can’t buy it before you get the chance to? This was one of those books for me, for AGES, but now I’ve bought it and it’s mine! Yay!


4. ‘Vampire Academy’ by Richelle Mead. This was very much an impulse buy but I’m excited to have a proper go at getting into this series. Also, it was only three quid, so YOLO, right?


5. ‘Sisters Red’ by Jackson Pearce. The cover for this was what persuaded me to buy this one – look at it! It’s absolutely beautiful!! Also, the story sounds like just my cup of tea.


It felt so satisfying to be buying all these books – I haven’t done a big book haul in forever, so this was very nice.

Have you bought any books recently that you’re excited to read? Have you got any books recently for a good bargain, or for dirt cheap? Tell me! Let me live vicariously through your bookish purchases!!


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