Update Sunday!

It’s Sunday! You know what that means – I get to share with you lovely people what I’ve been obsessing over this past week. Trust me, it’s always something new, because I spend too much time online and discovering new things.

Let’s go!

Reading: Coffeeshop AU fanfiction on A03 – because they’re adorable and cute, and I’m a sucker for cute barista characters.

Eating: Pud In A Mug. It’s like warm chocolate cake in the convenient form of a mug. I’ve had like five already this week.


Listening to: Cruel – Snakehips ft Zayn.

Back where we left off
Watch you take your dress off
I’ve been by myself remembering you
Your body hurts me
Loopin’ ’round like CCTV
In all this bitterness you stay so sweet…

Ugh! This song’s got me like:


Watching: Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist. I’ve seen this before, and read the book, but it’s still an awesome movie, and Kat Dennings is pure epicness.

Tell me your obsessions and maybe we can obsess together. Yay for mutual obsessing and fangirling!


2 thoughts on “Update Sunday!

  1. I have to listen to Cruel it sounds really good! I’ve been obsessing over Selena Gomez’s songs more than ever because I recently went to her concert! Those mug cakes look really good, I’m glad you are enjoying them! I haven’t watched Nick and Nora’s infinite playlist


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