Book Review – Origin (Lux #4)


Title: Origin (Lux #4)

Author: Jennifer Armentrout

Synopsis: Daemon will do anything to get Katy back.

After the successful but disastrous raid on Mount Weather, he’s facing the impossible. Katy is gone. Taken. Everything becomes about finding her. Taking out anyone who stands in his way? Done. Burning down the whole world to save her? Gladly. Exposing his alien race to the world? With pleasure.

All Katy can do is survive.

Surrounded by enemies, the only way she can come out of this is to adapt. After all, there are sides of Daedalus that don’t seem entirely crazy, but the group’s goals are frightening and the truths they speak even more disturbing. Who are the real bad guys? Daedalus? Mankind? Or the Luxen?

Together, they can face anything.

But the most dangerous foe has been there all along, and when the truths are exposed and the lies come crumbling down, which side will Daemon and Katy be standing on?

And will they even be together?

Rating: 5 stars

Review: I literally devoured this one in a day, and I’m so hyped up on Luxens and hybrids that I can’t pick up another book until I finish this series and then get over the following hangover.

This book actually reminded me a lot of ‘Shatter Me’ by Tahereh Mafi – the clinical-like institution, the psychotic leader, the ridiculously dangerous ‘tests’ – it’s very reminiscent of ‘Shatter Me’ in my opinion. That’s not a bad thing though, because I loved reading that book just as much as I loved this one.


However, I am screaming about the fact that I can’t be sad over who dies in this one, because that would be spoilers, and that would make me kind of a douche canoe if I divulged spoilers. Ugh. Being a book blogger is hard!


Also there’s some other things about this book that I would love to squeal and fangirl over, but that would also be spoilers, and spoilers suck, so I’m keeping mum. If you want to find out what these big surprises are – one of which I saw coming for ages! – then read the book yourself and find out for yourself.

(Quick note – Blake totally deserved what he got. No sympathy there.)


Anyway, let’s talk about Daemon’s attitude towards Katy. There’s so much character development from Obsidian to now!! At the start of the series, he was very much for keeping her at arms length, but now he lets her fight with them and he’s proud (and even turned on) when she shows her tough side. He doesn’t suppress her, or her strength, even though he wants her safe. That’s a relationship that I admire.


“She attacked several members of my team.”

A smile spread across my face. That’s my girl.

When she swung on him, pride swelled in me. That was my Kitten, claws and all.

Go Katy!


Also, this book had alternating points of view, which was a nice change. This time we get to see things from Daemon’s point of view as well as Katy’s – alien/human, guy/girl.

The whole book was one huge thrill ride from start to finish, and I just couldn’t put it down. That’s the mark of a great author – when you’re reading something and you just can’t tear yourself away from it. I devoured this book like it was the last one on earth (God forbid!) and I laughed, I cried, and I celebrated. For the whole time, I genuinely felt like I was a part of this amazing world.

In case this review so far doesn’t have you rushing to your nearest bookshop to pick up a copy of this book, here’s some quotes to get you excited.

Then it struck me. A strangled laugh escaped. “Area 51?”

It was like being in a real, albeit messed-up, version of The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games for alien hybrids.

My spidey senses were telling me this thing was rigged with onyx.

“If I had a Mogwai, I’d totally feed it after midnight. That mohawk gremlin was a badass.”

Jesus H. Mary mother of Christ in crutches, came Daemon’s voice.

“What? Is Daedalus moonlighting as for Luxen and Hybrids?”

Nancy was so thrilled, I thought she was going to kiss me – and I thought I was actually going to have to hit a chick.

Why in the world did humans think aliens looked like a whacked-out Gumby?

This wasn’t a romantic getaway at the Ritz, unless running for your lives counted as foreplay.

I rate this one a full five stars because there was nothing I didn’t love about ‘Origin.’ If you like the paranormal, and live for intense fictional romances, this is the book series for you.

Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “Book Review – Origin (Lux #4)

  1. Your gifs are on POINT!! Your emotions are exactly like mine whilst I was reading it. The whole entire Lux series is amazing! I hope you enjoy Opposition which is filled with excitement and twists! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!


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