Top Ten Tuesday – Books That Made Me Want To Do/Learn Something

This week’s Top Ten topic is books that have made me want to do or learn something from reading them. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and The Bookish, and if you do one of the prompts set, you can link your post to their post and others can read your top ten. Cool, right? Lets start.
1. Sketching (Isla and The Happily Ever After)
I already draw a lot, but then I read Isla and The Happily Ever After, and my passion for sketching just exploded from there. I was inspired, sue me.
2. Turning into an animal at will (Harry Potter)
Who didn’t read Harry Potter and wish they could be an Animagus like Professor McGonagall or Sirius? I like to think I’d turn into an animal as quirky and unusual as I am.
3. An exciting adventure/quest (Lord of The Rings)
Like Charlie said:
4. How to be a samurai or ninja (The Young Samurai series)
From the moment I started reading this series, I was hooked and I really, really wanted to be a samurai, and then later on a ninja (because why not?), and for a while that was definitely my dream.
5. Archery (Hunger Games)
Lets be real, everyone wanted to be a top-notch archer after reading about Katniss and her defiant bow and arrows.
6. Fly a spaceship (Scarlet)
Ugh, I want to fly the Rampion so much! Yet, I know Thorne would rather give up both hands than give up control of his beloved ship. Boo.

Sourced from Tumblr

7. Go to a grand ball (Cinderella)
This is all any little girl wants – to get all prettied up to just dance the night away at a ball with a prince. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!
8.  Leaving a notebook with dares in a bookshop ( Dash And Lily’s Book of Dares)
I actually did this one! After I’d finished reading Dash and Lily, I made my own little book of dares and left it in my usual bookshop, but nobody picked it up. Oh well. I tried.
9.  Flirt with a Starbucks barista ( Fangirl)
I still haven’t done this one, mostly because I live nowhere near a Starbucks and also because I can’t flirt to save my life, but I would love to find the real-life equivalent of Levi who, lets be real, is a literal cupcake.

Sourced from Christy on Goodreads

10. Fall head over heels in love ( every romance book ever)
Hey, don’t judge me! I’m a hopeless romantic who believes in happily ever after, and love at first sight. I’m still looking for anyone who wants to date me, since it hasn’t happened yet, but hey, hope springs eternal.
What have y’all put on your lists this Tuesday? Send me a link to your post, and I’ll definitely have a look, because I’m genuinely fascinated about this topic.
Happy reading!

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Books That Made Me Want To Do/Learn Something

  1. Does flirting with a book cashier work in the same manner as a Starbucks Batista? If so, I totally have that down, lol!

    After all that talk with animagi in the HP series, I did contemplate once on what kind of animal I’d turn to if I could shape shift. Most probably a penguin, because random, lol.


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