Update Sunday – Yay!

S’up, everyone? This week’s been light on the posting, but that’s because I had the flu last weekend, and even though I’m good now, I’m still a little tired. Still, I’m going to let you in on some of my current obsessions this week.

Reading: Opal – Jennifer Armentrout. I blame Sasha for suggesting these books on her channel, because I am obsessed!! Daemon Black is all kinds of sexy, and I do love it that Katy is a book blogger too. Ugh, so good….

Watching: The Craft. This is one of my all time favourite movies, and if I could just find a DVD copy of it for cheap, I’d be ecstatic.


Drinking: Options mint hot chocolate. Mm, mm, this is pure deliciousness (especially with a stroopwafel on top).

Listening to: Red Dress – Lucy Hale ft Joe Nichols. I cannot stop dancing to this song, and singing along. It makes me think of an old fashioned barn dance, and red-and-white tablecloths, and kisses in the moonlight….

Tell me your obsessions this week – I genuinely want to know. Maybe we could find a mutual obsession? Let’s just see.

Happy reading!


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