Update Sunday!

Another week gone, and a whole set of new things to obsess over.

Reading: Arcadia – it’s a webcomic online that I’ve been binge-reading lately, and it’s incredible. It’s also a novella which you can download in either epub, mobi or pdf format.

Listening to: Psychobabble – the podcast by Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl. I’m in love with the advice episodes, and I may be ever so slightly attracted to Korey’s voice. Yeah, so… moving on.


Watching: Deadpool! Because…he’s Deadpool! Nuff said.


Playing: Pokemon Go! Aside from the ridiculously unsteady servers, I love this game, and apparently so does everyone in my work. So far I’ve got two Rattatas, two Zubats, and a Charmander. Overall, I’m doing quite well.

What stuff have you been into this week? Talk to me and give me some semblance of being normal and social? Please?

Happy reading!


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