I was browsing Cristina’s blog – because she’s awesome, obviously – and I came across this post she did way back in January about blogger confessions. Well, it got me thinking about what my own blogging confessions would be, and then this post came to be, because why not?
  • I procrastinate so much on reviews, it’s ridiculous. I have a long list of books I’ve read recently that I have reviews to write for them, but even when I do have time, I procrastinate and watch Youtube videos, or read more books.
  • Sometimes I go off on a tangent and do posts that aren’t in any way connected to books of any kind. I know this is a book blog, but sometimes I just want to write about other things.
  • I’m a sucker for a nice aesthetic. ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ Well, what if the book has a really pretty cover that makes me feel all happy when I look at it?

Ravenclaw aesthetic!

  •  I’m obsessed with finding the perfect gif for every post.
  • I will more often than not use a Supernatural gif, because Supernatural has a gif for everything. #sorrynotsorry



  • I’m not too stressed about getting fancy ARCs from publishers – if it ever happens, aside from on Netgalley, I will be thrilled but I’m not going to stress over whether or not I get one.
  • I hate book reviews that just focus on very academic things like the tone of the book, or the history of the author. When I read a review, I want it to be warm and welcoming and interesting, instead of being as cold and clinical as an operating table.


  • I’m so grateful to all those bloggers who posted about getting started in the blogosphere. Otherwise, I would have been absolutely lost to get started.
  • I would love to have a bookstagram, or a strictly book-themed Twitter, but that’s too much work…
  • I worry that people judge me because most of the books I read are either Young Adult, or LGBTQ.
  • If I didn’t look unattractive on camera, and weren’t an awkward turtle, I’d be a Booktuber.
  • When I started, I was all on my own, in my own little corner of the Internet, but now I’ve got a small following – just about 200 followers – and I’ve made amazing friends in the book blogging community,
  • I want to get into audiobooks, but I’d much rather have an actual book in my hands, or my Kindle.


  • Physical books will always come first for me, no matter how much I love ebooks and their handiness.
  • I hate writing meh reviews or even reviews of books I just didn’t enjoy, because I’m always afraid I’m being mean about it or the author.
What are your book blogging confessions? Spill your guts to me in the comments, and let me know what deep dark secrets you’ve got, or even just letting me know which of mine you agree with.
Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “#BookBloggerConfessions

  1. I agree with what you said about writing meh reviews! I get really nervous writing them because I don’t want to come off as mean or harsh, and I get especially nervous when it’s a book that everyone else seems to love.
    this was a great post, thanks for sharing your blogger confessions 🙂

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  2. Nice post! I agree with you about the audiobooks – I’ve never read – heard? – one, but I keep meaning to. I feel like I’d enjoy it, but they’re expensive and I also prefer to have an actual physical copy of a book. 🙂


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