Book Review – Isla And The Happily Ever After


Title: Isla And The Happily Ever After

Author: Stephanie Perkins

Synopsis: Love ignites in the City That Never Sleeps, but can it last?

Hopeless romantic Isla has had a crush on introspective cartoonist Josh since their first year at the School of America in Paris. And after a chance encounter in Manhattan over the summer, romance might be closer than Isla imagined. But as they begin their senior year back in France, Isla and Josh are forced to confront the challenges every young couple must face, including family drama, uncertainty about their college futures, and the very real possibility of being apart.

Featuring cameos from fan-favorites Anna, Étienne, Lola, and Cricket, this sweet and sexy story of true love—set against the stunning backdrops of New York City, Paris, and Barcelona—is a swoonworthy conclusion to Stephanie Perkins’s beloved series.

Rating: 5 Stars

Review: Why did I wait so long to read this?! It’s amazing! I have so many feelings about this book, but I’m going to try and put them into words (and a few gifs).

We first met Isla briefly in ‘Anna And The French Kiss’ and we know Josh – St Clair’s best friend – from the first book as well, but in this book we get to know Josh and Isla a lot more. Isla has been nuts about Josh for years, and he likes her too, but there’s always some obstacle in their path to happiness.

Oh my god, there were so many obstacles! Romeo and Juliet just had their parents to worry about -Isla and Josh have family drama on top of their own messed up schedules, and their separate friend groups, and new school rules on top of that, as well as Isla’s own insecurity. It’s a wonder they ever find their happily ever after.


I absolutely love Stephanie Perkins’ fluffy writing – it’s just the thing you need when you’ve been stuck into some pretty serious literature or even just having a bad day. It’s the perfect antidote to life.

There’s cameos from past favourites like Anna, Etienne, and even Lola and Cricket, but we also meet new characters like Kurt – Isla’s best friend. Oh my god, Kurt is incredible! It’s very rare that you see a character with Aspergers in a YA book, but Kurt was written exquisitely.



Josh knows that Kurt has high-functioning autism. Everyone here knows. When a stranger misinterprets Kurt’s behaviour as rudeness and reacts poorly, I can usually forgive them. But when someone who knows him doesn’t even want to try to understand him? No. I can’t forgive that.

“Yeah. What the DSM used to call Aspergers, and what they now call high-functioning autism. It’s the same thing. But it’s not a problem, it’s not like it’s something that needs to be cured. His brain just works a little differently from ours. That’s all.”

Ugh, so good! Everything about this book is so good! Well, except Isla’s sister Hattie. Hattie is a brat.


I think my favourite part of the whole book is at the end when everyone’s together at Point Zéro – if you’ve read the book, you’ll know why this is my favourite. Everyone’s together and happy and it’s just such a pleasant atmosphere.

I’m actually very sad that this series is over, because you know, you only read a book for the first time once. On the other hand, I’m a sucker for fluffy romance, so I’ll probably read this book again soon.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the book, chosen especially for this review;

If only I could say, “Listen, I like you, and you like me, so let’s go find a secluded park and touch each other.”

“It must be difficult to remember when your brain is smaller than your penis. Which, rumour has it, isn’t that big in the first place.”

“My fiancee and I are headed out for a celebratory dessert. I’d ask you all to join us, but I don’t want you there.”

Five star book! Go read it if you haven’t already, because it really is amazing. The whole series is a cute, fluffy breath of fresh air that I consider to be the antidote to life.


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