2016 – The First Half

It’s just about halfway through the year now, so I figured I’d do a quick wrap up of what I’ve been doing during the first half of 2016, both online and offline. After all, a lot happens in six months.
  • I got a job! That was back in February, and still going strong, so hopefully I can keep it.
  • I got a kitten – well, actually she’s the whole family’s, but I’m the one who feeds her and changes her litter tray and pays attention to her, so she might as well be mine.
  • I’ve read 46 books so far this year – go me!
  • I’ve changed my reading challenge goal on Goodreads down from 200 to 100, because since I first set the 200 goal in January, I have acquired the aforementioned job, so I’m not having as much time to read as before. Still, I was hoping to make it to 200….
  • I reached the one year birthday of my blog back in April, which I’m very happy about. I actually did a whole gushing post about it.
  • Also, I recently hit 200 followers, so big whoop about that!
  • I finally got around to reading A Court of Thorns and Roses in February, and then A Court of Mist and Fury came out at the start of May, so I basically devoured both of them.
  • I just caught up with all of Elementary this week, finally watching the last episode of the season, so that’s one show off my list until September-November time.
Have you done anything interesting this year so far? Please tell me, so we can talk about it, and I can feel like I have a life, because I really don’t, but you know-

3 thoughts on “2016 – The First Half

  1. Sounds like you’re having a good year so far! I can’t think of anything very interesting I’ve done…. that makes me sound so boring! I’ve been reading lots, started my blog, made loads of friends on bookstagram, and I’m currently trying to convince my boyfriend to buy me a puppy!


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