Blogger Interview – Daydreaming Books

And I’m back with another blogger interview! This time, I’m getting to put the questions to Poulami, AKA Daydreaming Books! Yay for book bloggers! Before we get into the actual questions though, take a minute to drool over the gorgeousness that is her blog header:
Feeling that blog envy now? Yeah, me too.


Tell me a little about your blog – how did you come up with the name/URL for it?

I really don’t have much bookish friends in my real life and I desperately wanted to share my thoughts and do some fangirling as well. After I discovered that so many people blogged about books (I really didn’t have much idea about this before 2015! Crazy… I know!) from Goodreads, I decided to start my own book blog. My blog mainly consists of reviews of the YA and NA category because I love both, some tags and my discussion feature called Daydreaming Discussions!


Well… how I came with the name of my blog is a weird story. Mainly because I started my blog on an impulse at 3 A.M. in the morning so that’s why that crazy long url. I wish I could change it, but what’s done is done. I changed my blog name three to four times, I wasn’t satisfied until I finally came up with the name Daydreaming Books- I love daydreaming, I love books and I most definitely love daydreaming about books! Hence I love this name and I’ve stuck with it since.


How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging a little more than a year now. But I pretty much still feel like a newbie!


What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about being a book blogger?

My most favourite thing is that I get to talk and fangirl with so many people who share the love of books just like me and in the process I have made some pretty awesome friends as well!

And the thing that’s my least favourite is that sometime the I forget that I’m blogging for myself and I let the pressure of blogging get to me, though I’m working on it now!



What’s been your favourite post that you’ve posted so far?

I love writing my posts for my feature, Daydreaming Discussions. I especially loved both writing and talking about my post on love triangles and why I hate it so much and consider it much worse than a zombie apocalypse! So I think it’s one of my favourites!


If you could take over any book blog for a week, who would you take over and what would you do with their blog?


Eeeeh such a tough question! There are a million blogs out there that I love so much! But I’m pretty much happy with my one. But to answer your question I would love to take over Cait @ Paper Fury’s blog for a week. Her posts are always hilarious and full of cake and dragons! I really don’t have a clue though what I would do with it but I think I would cause more of a disaster than any good and she would end up either eating me or burning me! 😛


If you could move to any fictional universe, which would you choose to inhabit?

I’m torn between two. First of all I love Hogwarts and all the witchy stuff, so it’s an obvious choice. And my other choice is The House of Night universe from The House of Night series from P.C. and Kristin Cast. It’s a school for vampyres and I’ve always loved them. Other than that, I looooved that school and mainly because I think the classes were held at night and being an insomniac I would have loved that. Plus the teachers and everything else were pretty cool too!


In your opinion, which fictional couple would you happily break up? And which couple would you lock in a room until they were happily, deliriously in love?


For the former question, I would have answered from Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare but I’m still in the middle of it. So…*Spoilers* I would go with Stark and Zoey from The House of Night series. Mainly because I loved her with Heath and that was my OTP!! *cries*


Uhh… well for the latter one I’ll go with Will and Tessa from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. I mean they both have strong feelings for each other but they are too stubborn to accept the fact! But I ship them so much… it hurts!



Who are your top five auto-buy authors?


Cassandra Clare, Rainbow Rowell, Dan Brown, Colleen Hoover and Marissa Meyer!




Now for the quickfire round! Let the questions begin!



Netflix or Chill?

Netflix just became available in India this year, I haven’t tried that yet and I haven’t even heard of Chill. Oops!


Pizza or Burgers?


Music or books?

Both! I can’t live without either of them!

Guys or food? 

Guys can wait… I’m jumping the food train.

Ugly and smart, or pretty and dumb?

I believe everybody is beautiful in their own way but if I have to answer, then I’ll go with the former.

Bath or shower?


Beach or pool?

I love the beach!’

Fiction or non-fiction?


Hermione or Katniss?

Hermione. Definitely Hermione.


Online or offline?

Online. Always!

Girls or guys?


John Green or David Levithan?

I’ve only read TFIOS by John Green and I’ve yet to read any book by David Levithan. So I really don’t know!



Well, that’s that. If you want to check out Poulami’s blog – please do! – then you can click this little link here and it’ll take you there. One little click. That’s all it takes.
And if you want to be a part of this feature, shoot me an email (link in my about page), and we can get that organised. Let me talk to you! It’s my only human contact! Not really, but yeah.
Happy reading!



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