I’m so excited that I’ve hit this milestone that I just screamed in CAPSLOCK, but I don’t care! 200 freaking followers!!!
Thank you to everyone to has read or liked my posts in the past year, because you all rock. You rock so much. Just because you’re so awesome, have 500 Awesome Points.
It was tough-going to start with, I admit, but I’ve really grown with my blogging over this past year, and that’s a lot due to the amazing people I talk to through comments, and who regularly like my blog posts:
Kim (By Hook or By Book) – you’ve been one of my most regular commenters, and you’re number one of the awesome peeps who make my blogging worthwhile, so thank you.
Nick (The Paper Dragon) – you tag me in so many things, so thank you for including me and giving me this whole list of blog posts to get writing. You’re almost like my blogging coach. Hehe.
Cristina (My Tiny Obsessions) – You appeared out of nowhere, but now I think of you as an internet friend – keep being awesome.
There are so many other people, but if I list them all, I’ll still be here at Christmas, so lets just tie up everything with one huge thank you. Without all my followers, I wouldn’t be blogging still, since every comment and like gives me that little bit more confidence in this.
I love you all!

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