Bookish Link Wrap Up

I’ve tried this before, and failed, but hopefully I’ll keep up this time though. It’ll push me to read more book-related articles and blog posts throughout the week, which can only be a good thing.

These are some awesome blog posts I’ve come across this week, that I think you should definitely take a look at:

Shannon ( It Starts At Midnight ) wrote this interesting post at t start of the month about retellings, and whether or not it’s important to know the original source before reading. Personally I love retellings, so this was a great read.


Kristen (Metaphors And Moonlight ) posted this discussion post on deciding what to read, and I very much recommend you go check it out. If you know the struggles of being a ‘mood reader’, then you’ll relate to what Kristen  says.


Jesse (Books At Dawn) took part in the Broke And Bookish weekly meme “Top 10 Tuesday’, and listed his top ten books he picked up on a whim. Including historical retellings, pretty fantasy books, and some I’ve never heard of, this is a pretty cool post. Go read!


Joey (Thoughts And Afterthoughts) took part in an online conference thing for book bloggers, and did a whole post about the aesthetics of both books and blogs. Aesthetics are very important, and I love Joey’s blog aesthetic, so definitely have a read of his post.


If you have any bookish posts I should be reading, shoot me the link and I’ll have a look at it. Until then,

Happy reading!


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