Real Neat Blog Award

Another blog award! I was nominated for this by Nick – The Paper Dragon – and I’m so happy! Also, this one is a nice short one, so lets get on with it:

The rules:
– Thank and link the blogger that nominated you.
– Answer the 7 questions that the nomination has provided you.
– Create 7 questions for your nominees.
– Nominate 7 other bloggers.

1. How do you pick your next book?


I’m really just a mood reader. At the moment I’m re-reading the Throne of Glass books, because reading ACOMAF has put me in the mood for Sarah J Maas, but sometimes I’m in the mood to read a historical book, or some steampunk, or a fluffy romance.

2. Which book/series do you consider a must-read?
Person: Oh, Harry Potter? I haven’t read that.”
3. What is your favourite childhood memory? This does not have to be bookrelated.
One of my favourite childhood memories is actually book related; when I was younger – about six or seven –  I had a subscription to these books that would come every month, and each one would be about a different animal, and they’d have two toys with each, an adult animal and then the baby as well. I remember the excitement I’d get with each one, and collecting the toys. That was nice…

4. What is your quirkiest trait?
My quirkiest? That’s a hard one to choose. Mm, maybe how I find it really fun to organise my bookshelves over and over again in different ways? Alphabetical by author, alphabetical by book title, by colour, by genre…
5. Which book is closest to you? How do you feel about it?
Well, right now I’m sitting beside my sketchbook, so I guess that counts, right? I love my sketchbook anyway – it’s got inspirational quotes on the front in pretty silver gel pen, and I get to just go wild with my art inside it.

6. What part of the blogging experience do you like most? And least?
I love the feeling I get when I’ve written up a post and formatted it and everything’s looking pretty, and then I click publish, and that’s it away. The feeling of satisfaction is just….ohh…..
I don’t like it. however, when I’ve been working on a post for hours, trying to get it just right, and then my Kindle goes dead, and I haven’t saved the post. AAARGH!
7. Random question: Favourite flower?
The stargazer lily. Isn’t it pretty?
My questions:
  1. What’s your current tv obsession?
  2. If you could direct a movie of your own life, who would you cast to play you?
  3.  What’s your go-to happy song?
  4. Which author’s brain would you love to borrow for a day?
  5. China or Japan?
  6. Which book would you save in an apocalypse?
  7. Which book would you choose to be a tv show?
I tag:
Happy reading!!!

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