Blogger Interview – Cristina (My Tiny Obsessions)

Yay! Another blogger interview! I’m really loving this feature, because you get to have a little sneak peek into the minds of fabulous bloggers, like Cristina. Cristina blogs over at My Tiny Obsessions, and she’s such an awesome person, so go and show her blog some love after you finish reading this.



Now, on with the interview!


How did this blog get started? How did the name come to be?

I started my blog over 3 years ago. I had recently moved to Barcelona and I was feeling a bit lonely without anyone to share my TV and movies obsessions, so I decided that a blog might help. So… My Tiny Obsessions…


How long have you been blogging?

3 years and 4 months… time flies!


What was it like when you started out blogging? What was going through your head with each post?

I started with TVshows recaps, so my thought was mostly to pour out everything I felt in regards to those specific episodes and so on. No pressure, no anything, just like I was talking to myself outloud.


What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about being a book blogger?

My favorite thing has to be the book blogging community. The worst I think it’s maybe the pressure I end up putting on myself, to post frequently, to reach a certain number of views, etc.


How many themes did you have to go through before you settled on the one you have now?

Just one before the one I currently have. I’m a person with fixed ideas ;).


What’s your favourite gif to use in a blog post?

SO MANY!!! But I love this one:


If you could take over any book blog for a week, who would you take over and what would you do with their blog?

Oh boy… maybe weird question, but I wouldn’t want to do that. At all. A Blog is such a personal space, I wouldn’t want to intrude in anyone else’s.


Which fictional guy would you want to wake up next to tomorrow morning and why?

Hmmmm, it’s still Rowan Whitethorn from the Throne of Glass series. Do I need to give a reason? If you read the books, you know!


Which book would you love to see as a movie?

I just finished a book a couple of days ago that I think would be perfect for a movie: Tone Deaf by Olivia Rivers. I would love to see a teen movie with a deaf protagonist. The book deals with so many serious topics and I think it would be a hell of a movie.



Now for the quick fire!


Saver or spender?



Glasses or contacts?



Raisins or nuts?



Grapes or wine?



France or Germany?



Water or lemonade?



Boyband pop or hard metal?

Boyband pop.


Girls or guys?



3 or 7?

7! Always my favorite number.


Online or offline?

Online. always.


Fiction or non-fiction?



Tobey Maguire Spiderman or Andrew Garfield Spiderman?

Andrew Garfield! Without a doubt!


Haha, yeah I definitely agree. Andrew Garfield is also my idea of the perfect young Remus Lupin, but that’s besides the point.


If you would like to be a part of this feature, and be interviewed, email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible with a set of interview questions. Don’t be shy – I won’t bite.


Happy reading!



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