Winter is coming….Game of Thrones book tag

​I was​ tagged last week to do this, but I’m only getting around to it now because I’ve only just watched the first episode of the new season last night, and I’m going to watch episode 2 later tonight. Thank you, Nick, for tagging me in this – somehow you know me so well – and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

Lets do this.


PART 1: Book Questions

“We do not sow” – A book you would not be willing to invest in.

I’ve got the three actual ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ books (my mum gave them to me when she’d read them), but I don’t think I’ll ever spend money on a copy of ‘Grey.’ Nah.​


“Fire and blood” – A book that produced strong emotions in you.

​I wasn’t expecting to feel such strong emotions when I read ‘Captive Prince’, yet by the end of it, I was ​practically sobbing into the pages. Talk about your strong emotions….

“Winter is coming” – Your favourite Winter read.

​It will always be ‘Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares’ for me – it’s such a cute and fluffy Christmas story, and it gets me in the Christmas mood even now, despite it being April….


“Family. Duty. Honour.” – A book about strong family ties.

​If ‘Harry Potter’ doesn’t show strong family ties, I don’t know what does. I mean, Lily’s love is what keeps him protected! And it’s a mother’s love for her son that keeps Harry alive in the end (thank you, Narcissa!). ​

“Growing Strong” – A book you had low expectations of but that grew on you.

​I wasn’t expecting to like ‘Gone Girl’ quite as much as I did – I went into it with quite low expectations, thinking it’d be one of those overhyped books that actually sucks, but I ended up being pulled into it by my heartstrings, and spat out the other side. Yeah….

“Ours is the fury” – A book that made you furious.

​When I tried to read ‘After’ by Anna Todd, I got pretty furious at every single character in it……​




“Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken.” – A book you have unwavering devotion to.

​I will literally slay anyone who dares to speak ill of ‘Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda.’ Seriously, do not even dare to speak one bad word about that gloriously fluffy book.​

“A Lannister always pays his debts” – A book you feel indebted to.

​I will forever be indebted to ‘Harry Potter’ for giving me all that happiness and contentment while reading it, and even afterwards. Because of these books, I’ve been a part of such a strong and undying fandom, and made so many online friends because of it.

PART 2: Fan theories

Who do you want to win Game of Thrones?



Who do you think will make it to the end and who do you think will die?

​I think Daenerys will live – they won’t dare kill her off, for fear of the backlash from the fans – and I do want her to make it right to the end, but Theon’s likely to get killed sometime this season. I’m stating it now.​

PART 3: My Game of Thrones

Would you win or die?

​If I’m perfectly honest, I’m more likely to die than anything else. I’d fight hard, but I can imagine my end coming to me on the pointy end of Jaime Lannister’s sword. Oops.​


What House are you in?

​I’m not a part of any house – I’m Dothraki through and through. I am the Khaleesi!​


​I tag:



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