A ‘Me’ Update

Okay, so I failed epicly at ARC April – I only read one ARC – and I’ve been so bad at remembering to post, but hopefully this will get me into a regular – sort of – routine for posting.

Since I hate blogs that focus just on one thing – blogs that are nothing but reviews, for example – I’ve decided to introduce this little feature each Sunday where I let you know my current favourite things, and what I’m up to.

Reading:  ‘Clash of Kings’ – George RR Martin. I’m tackling this monster of a book and I’m determined to finish it before I start anything else.

Listening to: ‘Wrong’ – ZAYN ft Kehlani. This song is my jam.

Eating/Drinking: I’m obsessed with stroopwafels at the moment – all that gooey caramel goodness….. Go buy them!

What are you into at the moment? Talk to me, my babies!!!


6 thoughts on “A ‘Me’ Update

  1. Reading – Captured by Jordan Marie
    Listening- Sia Cheap Thrills, fecking great song have it on repeat right now!
    Eating – had a great steak with sweet patato fries yum all homemade 😊
    Watching – just watched Game of Thrones πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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