Discussion/Rant – Bisexual Characters In Fiction

Lets talk about the elephant in the room – the lack of bisexual characters in fiction. Sorry, let me correct that – the lack of WELL-WRITTEN bisexual characters in fiction. By that, I mean characters who aren’t automatically written as promiscuous because of their bisexuality, characters whose bisexuality isn’t the the most interesting thing about them, and characters who don’t end up dismissing the bisexual label altogether.


If you google ‘bisexual characters in literature’, you will get a link to a whole Wikipedia page about LGBT characters of the fictional variety, but once you get onto the page, and start scrolling, it’s a whole load of the gay. I have nothing against gay people or gay characters of any gender, but I’m infuriated by the lack of characters in books who identify as bi. I mean, come on authors! There are other sexualities besides gay, lesbian, and straight!

However, there are a few that I’d like to mention in particular – Min from Brent Hartinger’s ‘Geography Club’ series, Magnus Bane from ‘Cassandra Clare’s ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series, and Lisbeth Salander from the ‘Millennium’ series by Stieg Larsson.


Magnus Bane in particular is the perfect example of a bisexual character in modern fiction. He’s a warlock who likes men – and women. It’s not a big deal to him (of course not, when he’s had several centuries to get used to it) and yet he hasn’t been written as slutty, or greedy, or any of those other stereotypes that bisexuals seem to attract from those who are too ignorant to know any better. He’s written as flamboyant, and dramatic, but none of that has any bearing on who he wants to go to bed with. Over the course of the series, as well as the spin-off book series’, he has a prominent relationship with another man, and refers to a previous relationship with a female vampire called Camille.


I would like to have more bisexual females in books however. I need some representation here! I’m googling ‘bisexual women in books’ but I keep getting the same group of books over and over again. Ugh, where are all my bi women? If anyone can recommend me any, where the bisexual woman is the main character in the book instead of a background swayer, it’d be much appreciated.

That’s all.


5 thoughts on “Discussion/Rant – Bisexual Characters In Fiction

  1. I hadn’t come across many bisexual characters in literature either, but one i think was well written and treated as bi is Nathan from the Half Bad Trilogy, just so you know 🙂


  2. I totally agree with you! I love that more gay/lesbian characters are being written in books, YA specifically, but other sexualities are so hard to come by. Magnus is the only bisexual character I can think of in a YA, and I can’t think of any that are different. There should definitely be more. 🙂


    • There’s more transgender characters being written lately, but I’d love to see bisexual characters appear more in YA books, especially female bisexuals – the only other one besides Lisbeth Salander that I know of, is the protagonist in ‘Adaptation’ by Malinda Lo.

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