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I know I’ve been seriously out of the blog loop this week – I’ve just started a new job – but to make up for it, I’m doing a tag post! I wasn’t tagged in this on, but I went looking for a Supernatural book tag, and I came across the tag that Angy at ‘Collector of Book Boyfriends’ did, so I’m doing that now since Supernatural is one of the best shows to ever be created. Enjoy.


  1. Name your favourite author you’d do anything to meet in person.


No question – J.K. Rowling herself. If I met J.K. Rowling in person, I’d melt into a puddle of mushy ecstatic goo on the floor, because she is the absolute queen.

  1. Name the book that has made you question your sanity.


Oh hell, this one has to be Gone Girl. Once I put it down, I just sat on my bed, staring into space for about ten minutes, rocking back and forth. I was seriously questioning whether I was sane or not.

  1. Name one character you’d totally fight your ass off for.


Teddy Lupin. He’s my little blue-haired genderfluid Hufflepuff metamorphagus, and I will fight anyone who dares to talk trash about my baby.

  1. Name the ARC you’ve received that made you super excited.


The first e-ARC I was ever accepted for on Netgalley – ‘Fox-Hat and Neko’ by August Li. I was so excited to read this ARC and it was the start of everything here.

  1. Name the book you literally devour.


‘Poison Study’ by Maria V. Snyder.  My dad bought me the three books in the series, and they sat on my shelf for ages, but once I started, I couldn’t stop. I absolutely devoured all three and I can’t wait to get the fourth.

  1. Name the last book that left you with a huge book hangover.


‘Eleanor and Park.’ I couldn’t get over this book for about two weeks after I read it, and I’m still sobbing inside about the ending. Park…..

  1. Name an addition to the series that you didn’t expect and made you super happy.


‘Harry Potter and The Cursed Child!’ When I read there was going to be another Harry Potter book, I was fangirling SO hard. It’s back!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Name the hottest book you’ve ever read.


See, I read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’  but it wasn’t that hot. Now, ‘Running With Scissors’ by L.A Witt on the other hand….. That is a hot book. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, and it definitely got me all hot and bothered…

  1. Name your favourite standalone series.


Duh, ‘Anna and The French Kiss’ by Stephanie Perkins! These books are the epitome of fluffy romance, and I’m obsessed with them.

  1. Name the most unexpected plot in a book you’ve ever read.

If you’ve read ‘Red Queen’ then you’ll know what my answer to this is.

  1. Name your number one book boyfriend.


James Carstairs – Brother Zachariah – Jem. He’s my forever book boyfriend.

  1. Name the book boyfriends you’d totally love to see together in the same book.


Ooh, this will be a long list – Magnus Bane, Daemon Black, Jacob Black, Teddy Lupin……


For this one, I’m tagging:

Kim @ By Hook or By Book

Emily @Books and Cleverness

Jesse @ Books At Dawn

Frodo and Sam @Fangirls On The Road

And anyone else who loves Supernatural and wants to do this tag!

Happy Reading!



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