Top 5 Friday – Auto-Buy Book Tropes

It’s another Top Five Friday! This one is going to be five things that will automatically make me love a book. You know, the book plot ideas or character tropes that you just instantly love. These are mine.

1) Genderfluid main character.


There are not enough books with genderfluid or non-binary students, and so I love anything where I can find this rare character type. Note to self; buy ‘Symptoms of Being Normal’ the next time I’m out.

2) Gay fantasy books.

I’m all for gay or lesbian couples getting it on while fighting fantastic creatures and going on great quests. If anyone can recommend me any, I’d love you forever.

3) Psychological Thrillers.


The creepier and chilling the better. If I end the book questioning my own sanity, then it’s deemed a good book. Again, if anyone can recommend me any – similar to Gone Girl or Girl On The Train – I’d be mighty grateful.

4) Anything involving book bloggers or fangirls.

Cather Avery, Katy Schwartz – I love books with characters who I can relate to. If I see any books like ‘Fangirl’, it’s an instant buy.

5) Fantasy books in general.


Basically if it’s set in a fictional universe – preferably with some form of magic – I’m almost guaranteed to buy it and love it. I’m a sucker for any escapism I can get.

Which kinds of books do you automatically buy? Comment and make me happy – I desire contact with other human beings.


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