Blog Spotlight – Books At Dawn

What’s this? Another blog spotlight! This one is a new one that I just recently found via someone else’s blog post (isn’t that always the way?) but I actually really like their blog. Everyone, give some love to Books At Dawn aka Jesse.


The Blogger Behind The Writing:

This blog is run by Jesse – an aspiring writer from Canada (more specifically Toronto), who enjoys trashy tv shows, KPOP, and YA books. Oh my god, this is starting to sound like one of those dating shows that I avoid like the plague. Let’s try a different tack.

Naturally once I find a new blog, I check out the blogger’s social media, so that’s what I’m doing now, checking out Jesse’s Instagram. My first thought?


Damn. I’m quite literally drooling over the hot selfies on his Instagram. That sounds really stalkerish, but I’m a total sucker for guys who look like this:

Or like this:


The Blog Itself:

Okay, let’s get professional now  and talk about the actual blog stuff. You type in the URL, and up comes the main blog page. The header’s really pretty – it reminds me of the ocean, seafoam…. doesn’t it?


Now, there’s only two main tabs at the top – the home page, and the About Me page – but if you scroll down further, there’s all the categories all neatly organized at the right hand side, from Anticipated Releases to Wrap Up. I was of half a mind to say something about the no links – it would help to have links to specific reviews – but you can find the posts you want with enough ease, so it’s all good.


I LOVE how Jesse lays out his reviews – Likes, Dislikes, and About The Author. It’s different to most reviews, and it’s refreshing, which I like. If you want to check out a few reviews, take  look at these:

‘Delicate’ by C.K. Kelly Martin
‘Throne of Glass’ by Sarah J. Maas
‘Legacy of Kings’ by Eleanor Herman

Also, there’s other features rather than just book reviews, which is pretty cool. After all, just reviews gets boring. There’s Top Ten Tuesday, Top Five Wednesday, Spotlight Saturday, book tags, and other awesome posts.

The Wine Book Tag
Picture of The Week
January 2016 Wrap Up
Encouraging Thunder Award

Where To Follow Him:

Email –


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