Blog Spotlight – Bookish Serendipity

Way back when I was just a baby blogger, I was a little lost as to what I was doing, so I looked for other book blogs to take tips from. I read their posts and got an idea of what I was going to post, and this blog was one of those ones I read way back then. This is my blog spotlight feature, and this is Jessica from Bookish Serendipity.


The Blogger Behind the Writing:

This blog is run by Jessica, who describes herself in her About page as a mid-teen who is also: Reader. Lover of words. High school student. Writer. Blogger. Etsy owner. Entrepreneur. Food enthusiast. Dreamer. Capricorn. Book nerd. Pinterest lover. Aren’t we all? Well, some of it not so much, but you get the gist.


Jessica herself is so pretty – I’m feeling a serious case of the envy monster on my back while looking at the photos on her About page.  Ugh, I wish I was that pretty.  Anyway, she’s also from Canada – home country of Anne Shirley of ‘Green Gables’ fame – and she creates bookish jewellery to sell on Etsy. I’ll put the link to her shop in the section at the bottom of this post, so once you’re done reading this, go have a look! The items on there are really gorgeous, and I wish I had all the money in the world to buy everything there – I mean, look at these!

That’s not even mentioning her AWESOME taste in tv shows – Supergirl and Once Upon A Time? I’m in love.

The Blog Itself:

It seems like forever since I’ve actually been on Jessica’s blog, but her theme is so gorgeous and cute – check it out.


The only issue I have with it is that the colours are too bright, and against a white background, it’s hard to read what some of the comments etcetera are, but aside from that, I love how the blog looks. It’s all floral and pretty, and it makes me happy to just look at it. #aesthetic.

Also, I’m impressed with how organised the blog is – there’s different tabs up at the top for different parts of the blog and I can navigate so easily. There really is nothing more discouraging than having  to go searching for everything, and to spend ten minutes just looking for a type of post, so well done Jessica.

I’ve been browsing around lately, and here are some of the posts I really loved in particular – enjoy!

Red Queen – Book Review

Marissa Meyer – Author Interview (Ahhhh, I’m so jealous she got to do this!)

Throne of Glass – Book Review

Making Money From Book Blogging

Book Blogs To Add To Your Feed (A very cool feature, I think. Me likey.)

Where To Follow Her:

Etsy Shop




Google Plus


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