Book Review – How Not To Summon Your True Love


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Title: How Not To Summon Your True Love

Author: Sasha L. Miller

Synopsis: Though it doesn’t really come as a surprise, Cy is still crushed when he’s dumped. His relationship with Alex had lasted longer than all previous attempts, and started promising when Alex had proclaimed he was perfectly okay with Cy being asexual. On impulse, convinced no one will ever really see him as worthy relationship material, Cy turns to a book that belonged to his late mother, a grimoire of magic spells that obviously won’t work. It’s a stupid idea, and even if magic was real there’s no way a true love summoning spell would work for him…

Rating: 3 and a half stars

Review: I received this e-ARC through Netgalley from Less Than Three Press in exchange for an honest review, and honestly? I’ve read better. That’s not to say that it wasn’t good – it just means that it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Let me explain.

Cy has just been dumped by his boyfriend, who can’t deal with Cy’s asexuality, and so Cy decides to cheer himself up by trying one of the so-called spells in his mother’s spellbook, not really expecting any of them to work. However, when he does a spell to summon his true love, a hot naked man covered in suds appears. Oops.


It’s just a cute cross-country road trip story, with witches thrown into the mix. I did enjoy reading it, and I might read it again in future, but to be perfectly honest, if I only had a choice between this or one other book, I’d pick up the other book first.

I found the characters interesting on their own, but I don’t think I could get behind them as a couple. There was very little romance there, except right at the tail end. If it had been a full book (which it had the potential to be), I’d have gotten a lot more invested in the characters and the world.


On the general scale, this novella falls under the grey area – not that interesting, but not bad either. If you like urban fantasy, or modern witches, or even books with asexual characters, then go read this. It’s being published on March 16th, or you can request it on Netgalley if you have an account on there.

Happy reading!


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