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I’m so excited for this feature – this was inspired from my blog spotlight posts, where I write a bit about different blogs that I love, and now I’m going to actually interview the bloggers themselves. Naturally, there was only ever one choice for the first blogger interview; the first bloggers whom I ever followed during my early days as a baby blogger. This is Aaron and Jonathan, who blog over at Husband And Husband!

The answers in green will be Aaron’s answers, and Jonathan’s will be in blue, so you can tell who is who. Enjoy.


How did your blogging story start? What motivated you to start blogging in the first place? Did you have a blog before this one?

It actually began with Jonathan. I’ll let him get into the details…but when we decided to actually do the blog it just CLICKED. Everything that has been great in our lives has always been when we’re together, or collaborating.

After my first novel got published, my publisher urged me to start a blog. It really didn’t seem like something I was interested in. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, but I love to write stories and I didn’t think I would enjoy writing for a blog. So, I started my own blog, but it didn’t click. I toyed with it for a little, but nothing ever came from it. I always wanted to do something creative with Aaron, something we could share together as husbands. That’s how our blog started and we fell in love with it.


What’s your favourite part about blogging?

My favorite part about blogging is meeting all of the other bloggers in the blogosphere. Living in Los Angeles is amazing because you get to meet all of these diverse people and make friends from all walks of life, but blogging brings that to a whole new level! 

All the awesome people we’ve meet! There are so many really cool people out there and some of them Aaron and I have actually helped and made a difference in their lives. That’s my favorite thing by far.

Is there any downsides that you have found through your own blogging experience?

Time, time, time. If I could blog/create all day, I would love to.

There just isn’t enough time in the day! I work 40 hours a week, write novels around 30-40 hours a week, and then blog whenever I can squeeze in some time. I wish I could take a pill that would allow me to skip sleeping all together so that I would have more time in the day. 🙂

A while ago, you started a fun comic based on the Wizard Of Oz – Dustin In Oz. Will that be coming back any time soon?

I think Dustin In Oz is great! I can’t take any credit for it. Aaron is the mastermind behind the story. I have to say though, I’m extra excited for Aaron’s next Husband & Husband comic series. It’s going to be incredible. 

I heart Dustin! He’s one of our creative love children and I enjoy paving his journey down the rainbow road. I initially started scheduling Dustin of Oz as a spin-off to our regular weekly comic, Husband&Husband. The plan was to release a full episode 15 pages every other month or so. D of Oz started in September, and again released a few pages at the end of November. I would like to release another full lump of episodes preferably before we head to vacation in February,but it all depends on if I can get far enough ahead on our weekly comic.:D


(P.S if you want to see the other comics belonging to these awesome bloggers, then go here. Click it. CLICK IT!)

Are either of you working on anything new at the moment?

Oh man…there is NOT enough time in the day. I can’t even begin to list the comic stories I have in my head that are itching to come to life! Maybe one day I’ll be able to make enough to stay home and work on comics all day…that’s the dream! As for a new project that is getting near-ready to release…I’ve been working on my first fantasy/magical realism comic and I CANNOT wait to share the details. What I can share right now…is that is involves witches, covens, and coming of age. looking to release in February/March.

I’m super busy! I have the sequel to my first novel under review with my publisher, another book about to start editing, and I’m working on another book that I’m really excited for. I’m planning on sharing the first five chapters with our readers very soon(a week or two).

Which social media do you find yourselves using the most often?

Our Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram get the most love. Oh! And Tapastic. 🙂

Ditto to Aaron’s answer

Is there any blogs you read regularly?

Jonathan is the master of the blog, I mostly manage our social media accounts. But I love to read all blogs I come across when hanging out in BlogLand  😀

Well, for starters, we love Shih Tzu Book Reviews! I also love (book reviewer) and (movie reviewer)! 

Aw, thank you! Now it’s time for the quickfire question round. Ready…set….go!


Image c/o whoever made it. I found it on Google Images.

Batman or Superman?
Coffee or tea?
Tea—caffeine free
Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
White chocolate
DARK chocolate
DC or Marvel?
DC…no Marvel…no DC!
Tattoos or piercings?
Tattoos, but love ’em both
Chinese takeout or Indian?
Morning or night?
Go-to comfort food?
Mongolian BBQ, Pozole, Wingstop.
Cookies, pizza, Chinese food.
Pet peeves?
Rude/People with no manners/Entitlement.
Mean people, internet trolls, people who feel entitled–spoiled brats! 
Dream lazy day?
Blanket forts, video games, chinese take-out, and painting.
Spending the day with Aaron, watching a new television series, popcorn and candy in my lap, Aaron on my side, dog on the other side, cat behind me.
Dream vacation?
Even though we’ve already been there before, London will always been my dream vacation. Aaron and I have a spot there–actually not in London, but close. We call it our “Somewhere Only We Know.” It’s our favorite place in the world.

That’s the end. A huge thank you to Aaron and Jonathan for being so great and doing this interview. I have had so much fun reading your answers, and basically you both are #relationshipgoals.

If you’re a blogger out there, and you want to be featured on either this or my blog spotlight feature posts, then either send me an email at or on Twitter @shihtzureviews.

All the contact info for Jonathan and Aaron is on the blog spotlight post I did, so go look at that….here!

Happy reading!


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