Top Five Friday – Books Tropes I Love

“Friday: The day after Thursday and before Saturday according to Rebecca Black. Also the most annoying day of the week now.”


It’s Friday! That means it’s another of my Top Fives. Last week I gave you the top five book tropes that I hate – these are tropes I love to read about. Enjoy.

1) Bisexual Female Character. This particular character trope is ridiculously hard to find – it’s like the Holy Grail of book characters. Is it so hard for authors to write strong, sexy, bisexual females? I need more bi visibility in my books.

2) Geeks. I love, love, LOVE books with geeky characters who own their geekiness. Dungeons and Dragons, comic books, the whole shebang. By the way, if anyone can recommend me books with geeky characters, please do.


3) Dragons. Speaking of geeks, I also love books with dragons. As in dragons who have a human form – if you want to hear my opinions on this, just read my review of ‘Dragon Bound‘ by Thea Harrison.

4) Thrillers. I’m such a sucker for books like ‘Gone Girl’ where you’re kept on your toes the whole way through, wondering who you can trust. I like plot twists around every corner.


5) Domesticity. Give me a book with a very domestic-acting couple, and I’m in love. It’s rare, but I just love fictional couples who are happy together and are so domestic. Doing the cooking together, doing the school run, the whole lot.

What book tropes get you excited about a book? Is there any books in the above tropes that you know of? Talk to me either in the comments section, or on Twitter.

Happy reading!


4 thoughts on “Top Five Friday – Books Tropes I Love

  1. I dont understand why its so hard to have bisexual characters in books (or anywhere, really), I mean unicorns are more common at this point. Since you like dragons and bisexual female characters, I suggest you check out the Seraphina series by Rachel Hartman which has both.

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