The Social Network….of Books.

We’ve come into a day and age where book lovers seem to be spending more time on their social media than actually reading. It’s the norm for any book lover now to have a book blog, a BookTube, a Goodreads account, and a whole host of others. I’m just as guilty of this as the next person – I’m always on Goodreads (adding to my painfully long Want To Read shelf), or tweeting about the books I’m reading.


I can’t help it though – Goodreads is so addictive! You mark one book as read, and it suggests other ones that you find interesting, which you just have to mark as Want To Read. Once you do that, Goodreads then has to suggest ones based on ones that you like – it’s a very vicious circle. One that attacks your purse and takes your money. Before you know it, you’re twenty bucks down, but having gained more books.


So you’ve added your most recent read on Goodreads, what now? Do you read the book itself? Oh no, not yet. First you have to post a photo on Instagram and tag it ‘bookstagram.’ It can be a simple photo of the book cover, or an artsy shot of your books with a coffee cup beside it, or even a filtered photo of a page within the book (usually a really deep quote that you’ll probably not care about later). Taken the photo? Now post it and wait for the likes to come pouring in. While you wait, check out other bookish photos in the ‘bookstagram’ tag – bathe in all the book envy over other people’s gorgeous hardbacks and illustrated copies (I’m thinking of you, illustrated Harry Potter…)


Once you’ve read the book, you’ve updated your Goodreads and shelved the book as read, then what happens? You go on YouTube and watch videos about that book! This side of Youtube is called ‘BookTube’ and it’s fabulous. There’s book review videos, book tags, and other fun videos. If I had a decent camera – and if I didn’t look completely awful on camera -then I would probably be a BookTuber. If you’re looking for some Booktubers to watch, check out this post I did last year.

Finally it’s time for the book review. This is probably the most important part of the book process, but you have to be careful not to contain any serious spoilers – not everyone has read the book. You have to dance along that knife edge that is a good book review. Once you’ve written your review, you can post it on Amazon, on Goodreads, or on your book blog if you have one. I don’t often post on Goodreads, but when I do, I cross-post from this blog.

Which bookish social media do you use most often? Are you a Goodreads guy? A BookTube-aholic? A bookstagram nut?


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