Blog Spotlight – Scatterbooker

Drumroll please….


It’s another blog spotlight! This Sunday is about a blog I’ve been following since I started my own blog. It was one of the first blogs I followed when I was just getting used to the whole blogging scene. Everyone, meet Jade from Scatterbooker.


The Blogger Behind The Writing:

This blog is run by Jade – an 80s girl who grew up reading ‘The Babysitters’ Club’ (best book series ever read by a little girl), and who now lives in Melbourne with her boyfriend and cat. Who says you can’t have it all?


Jade enjoys reading (obviously), crocheting and knitting, and going to the gym. Like many bloggers, she’s also a procrastinator. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. I’m practically the queen of procrastination.


The Blog Itself:

Jade doesn’t have a very fancy blog theme – a simple blue/purple background, and a header the same colour. It’s simplistic, but it draws more attention to the actual blog posts. Content over design.

Lately, Jade has started doing the David Bowie Reading Challenge, which looks awesome. It’s a list of 100 books, and they actually look really good. I’m considering doing it as well. If you want to see the post, it’s here.


Another interesting feature about Jade’s blog is that she has a series of posts on self-publishing which are definitely worth a look at – here, here, here and here.  


Where To Follow Her:



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