Kiss A Ginger Day!

Happy Kiss A Ginger Day!

I know this isn’t a book-themed day, but it’s still pretty awesome for gingers everywhere. International-Kiss-A-Ginger-Day was started back in 2009 as a sort of counter-attack to the  ‘Kick A Ginger’ campaign in November of the previous year. Wouldn’t you rather kiss a ginger than kick them? I would, especially if they were any of the following fictional gingers, which I have compiled in honour of the day.

First of all, we have to include the family of red-heads that everyone knows about (and if you don’t, then shame on you!) – the Weasleys! Every one of the Weasley family has a head of flaming red hair, from Arthur, the patriarch of the family, to Ginny, the youngest.  Thanks to the popularity of the books, and the consequent movie franchise, this wizarding family are possibly the most famous red-heads in today’s culture.


Also from the Harry Potter series, this one might surprise you, but was definitely a red-head back in his youth. It’s none other than Albus Dumbledore. It’s only mentioned as a flyaway thing in ‘The Chamber of Secrets’ but it is still a canon thing. “[A] tall wizard with sweeping auburn hair and a beard called to Riddle from the marble staircase …. He was none other than a fifty-years-younger Dumbledore.” Ha!

Our next fictional red-head is a relatively recent one – as in the book isn’t as old as the Harry Potter books – but she’s still amazing. It’s Eleanor Douglas from Rainbow Rowell’s book ‘Eleanor and Park.’ Eleanor gets called names and harassed because of her bright red hair, but she’s definitely one of my favourite characters ever, never mind the hair colour.


Let’s bring it back to a childhood favourite now, and talk about Anne Shirley. Yes, that’s right, ‘Anne of Green Gables.’ She was one of my ultimate fictional characters when I was growing up, and I read the book so much, especially when I started secondary school. She’s a romantic, and she’s imaginative, and I just loved her so much. I still do, actually.

Another fictional redhead who I have a huge fictional crush on is Ygritte from George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice And Fire’ series. She’s totally badass, and she’s independent. No man can control her, not even Jon Snow. Actually, it’s more like she controls him. That should be proof that red hair has power.


Finally we come to the last on the list – for now – and it’s Jamie Fraser from Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ series.  He’s hot, he’s Scottish, and he’s got hair as red as anyone else’s. I haven’t had a chance to read the series fully yet – I’ve seen part of the tv adaptation – but he’s definitely a babe.


Which fictional red-heads have I forgotten? If you can think of any others, let me know, and once again? Happy International-Kiss-A-Ginger Day!




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