How I Organize

Since it’s a new year, I’ve been inspired to do some more discussion posts – after all, a blog that’s just the same things gets boring after a while. That’s why I’m aiming to diversify my blog a bit more this year.

This post is about how I blog, because everyone does things differently, and this is how I do it.


I have different processes for the different elements of my blogging, but no matter what it is, it goes in my calendar page once I’ve written up the post and scheduled it. I just use a cheap notebook – only one pound from Poundland – and divide it into two main columns, with margins for each column. This way, I can open it and see what posts I have scheduled so far, and what posts I’ve done in the last few weeks.



I also have a section at the back of my notebook where I log all my blog posts into it. Every few weeks, I update it like this:

Book Review – I Heart New York – 27/Jun/2015
Discussion – Annotations in Books – 28/Jun/2015
Tag – FRIENDS book tag – 30/Jun/2015
Feature – Booktubers – 30/Jun/2015
Tag – Mean Girls book tag – 1/Jun/2015

Using this, I can instantly see what posts I’ve done and when. Everything’s colour-coded with highlighters, so I can see at a glance what posts are book tags, and which are book reviews, etcetera.


As for book reviews, I’ve only recently started taking notes throughout reading it, but I’ve found it to be really effective. If I come across a quote that I like, I can quickly scribble it down in a bullet point, or if I have a thought about a certain phrase to use in my review, I write that down too if I have my notebook handy.


Basically I use my notebook for everything blogging related – from jotting down book tag prompts to organize later, to writing out full posts to copy out later online.

My whole blog organising has been a work in progress, trial by error, ever since the start. At the start, I was so clueless about anything that blogging entailed besides the posting, but I learned quickly. I did a helluva lot of research, and seeing how other blogs did their thing, and I figured out what worked for me.

How do you guys organize your blog stuff? Do you have a similar thing to my notebook? Talk to me!


9 thoughts on “How I Organize

    • I definitely recommend the calendar pages in particular – from those, I can see at a glance what posts I have scheduled and for when. Also, the post log is useful – in my own opinion – because I can double back and see what posts I’ve already done, so I’m not repeating content.

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    • I find it easier if I have posts planned out ahead of time, so if I come into a time when I’m too busy or creatively-blocked to make up a post off the top of my head. I have ones made up already that I just have to type up.

      Also, with my notebook, I can have a log of my blog posts which makes them easier to track.

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