Book Review – Undead and Unwed (Undead #1)


Title: Undead and Unwed (Undead #1)

Author: Maryjanice Davidson

Synopsis: It’s been a helluva week for Betsy Taylor. First, she loses her job. Then, to top things off, she’s killed in a car accident. But what really bites (besides waking up in the morgue dressed in a pink suit and cheap shoes courtesy of her stepmother) is that she can’t seem to stay dead. Every night she rises with a horrible craving for blood. She’s not taking too well to a liquid diet.

Worst of all, her new friends have the ridiculous idea that Betsy is the prophesied vampire queen, and they want her help in overthrowing the most obnoxious, power-hungry vampire in five centuries – a badly dressed Bela Lugosi wannabe, natch. Frankly, Betsy couldn’t care less about vamp politics, but they have a powerful weapon of persuasion: designer shoes. How can any self-respecting girl say no? But a collection of Ferragamos isn’t the only temptation for Betsy. It’s just a lot safer than the scrumptious Sinclair – a seductive bloodsucker whose sexy gaze seems as dangerous as a stake through the heart…

Rating: 4 stars

Review: I got both this book and the second one in the series from my usual indie bookshop – only a fiver for both of them! – and since it seemed interesting, I bought them. I’ve read the first one, and these are my thoughts about it.

Betsy Taylor – real name, Elizabeth Taylor (cue the jokes) – is having a pretty crappy week. No job, she gets hit by a car, gets her designer shoes nicked by her awful stepmother, and since she’s a vampire, it’s impossible to off herself. Not that she hasn’t tried it all. Things get worse when she’s dragged into the world of vampires, where apparently she’s the prophesied queen of all vampkind.

This was amazing! One of my all time favourite book series’ is the ‘I Heart’ series by Lindsay Kelk, and this was basically in the same vein, but with hot, sexy vampires. It’s short – only 250-odd pages – which makes it the perfect, fluffy filler between more serious reads. I was reading this alongside Rainbow Rowell’s ‘Eleanor and Park’ and they both balance each other out  for me.


As for the characters? There wasn’t one character I didn’t love throughout this whole book. Betsy is such a smart-ass all the time; Sinclair is like a smarmier version of the sexy Ethan Sullivan from Chloe Neill’s ‘Chicagoland Vampires’ books; and then there’s the human cohorts. Right away, I loved Marc – a cute, funny doctor who is an absolute hoot to read about – and also Jessica, who happens to be Betsy’s best friend, and who has sass and then some. These two are the type of characters I would KILL to be best friends with. You also have the baddie – Nostro, who is basically the king of vampire cliches.

That’s not even mentioning the diversity in the book – there’s a lesbian vampire, Jessica happens to be of Jamaican origins, and there’s vamps from all over the world. Everyone just sort of molds together to make this awesome story.


I think I’ll probably wait until after I finish ‘Eleanor and Park’ to read the next book in the series, which happens to be called ‘Undead and Unemployed.’ I do wholly recommend this series to you if you want a book series to just not take too seriously. If you’re still not sure whether to give it a go, here  are a few of my favourite quotes from the book. These literally had me cackling.

“I was fast, I was strong….I was SpiderVamp!”

“I can’t believe we’re bribing our future queen with designer shoes.”

By contrast he [Marc] was a moving pile of rags in torn jeans and a faded t-shirt with the logo “Drop Dead Fred” … an alarming choice for a physician.


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