Blog Spotlight – Captivated By Fantasy

A lot of book blogs that I find, I usually find them through other book bloggers in their comments or award posts, or through my own comments section.  This one is no exception  – I found this blog by accident, and I’m so in love with everything about it. This is Captivated By Fantasy, the spotlight.

peach header

The Blogger Behind The Writing:

Peach runs this blog, and she’s totally awesome. Currently she’s studying English with Writing at university, but is an aspiring journalist at the same time. Go Peach!  Blogging is a great step towards being a journalist, so you’re on the right track.


She’s a fan of the Saccone-Joly family on Youtube, loves watching tv series’ where she can get invested in the characters, and she is a divergent Dauntless girl. Everybody go give her some love over at her blog!

The Blog Itself:

Now we really get to the good part. Peach’s blog isn’t meticulously laid out – I couldn’t easily find her book tag posts or award posts – but I loved how organised the book review page was. Speaking as someone whose reviews were only just recently organised, I’m very impressed.  The reviews are arranged into ones she was sent for review, and other ones she reviewed.

peach reveiws

Here are a few posts I especially like:

The Frozen Book Tag

One Lovely Blog Award

Book Review – Fangirl 

Also, lets talk about the quote Peach has for her blog tagline:

“Some dreams are forgotten, others are published, help the author keep their vision alive…”

That is a quote for every book nerd to have in their heads.


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