Adult Colouring Book Haul

I got lots of books for Christmas!

Okay, they weren’t fiction books – but they were colouring books. I am such a huge fan of the adult colouring thing that has sprung up these last six months or so (it’s not a guilty pleasure if you don’t feel at all guilty about liking it) and I got a load of awesome books for Christmas that I’m going to show you.

First off, the one I’m the most thrilled about – the Harry Potter colouring book! The book’s filled with everything from the heraldry of the Hogwarts houses to stills from the movies. I’ve done one from this book so far – the Ravenclaw heraldry, natch! – but I can’t wait to do the others over time.


I also got the Game of Thrones book, which I’ve been hinting about for months now ever since I found it. Again, I’ve only done one so far – the shield of House Martell – but it’s a start, right? The drawings in this are exquisite, and so intricate – it took me all afternoon to just do one page.


One of my favourite books that I got, is the Calm Colouring Flowers book. I really do prefer colouring patterns rather than scenes, and this was my go-to on Christmas day. I spent all afternoon colouring in one of the pages for this, and had immense fun the whole time. Once I get more than a couple pages done, I’ll post pictures.


I also got some generic £1 books that look okay, but not as good as my Potter book, and the Game of Thrones one. I’m such a nerd, but I’m so not sorry about that.



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