Blog Spotlight – The Quirky Book Nerd

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday, and got everything they asked for – aka, lots and lots of books. However, not even wild horses would stop me from blogging to you lovely people. This week, the blog spotlight is based around Ariana from The Quirky Book Nerd.

The Blogger Behind The Writing:

This blog is run by Ariana, who happens to be an ‘aspiring author and filmmaker’ in her early twenties. Her about page doesn’t give a lot, but I delved deep to find out more about this awesome blogger.

She’s a super Sherlock Holmes fan – as am I – and she loves Harry Potter. Duh! Anyone who loves Potter is deemed okay in my book. However she has never seen the Lord of The Rings or Hobbit films, which subtracts a few cool points. Just kidding.

The Blog Itself:

The blog itself is where it really gets interesting though.

The layout is very gorgeous, with a simple black and white and pink theme to it. I’m feeling a lot of blog envy right now. I love blogs with a cute aesthetic, after all.


As for the posts, Ariana does a healthy variety of posts – reviews, memes, book tags and other discussion posts. That’s always a good quality for book blogs, because if it’s all just book reviews or just all memes, it’s boring. Also she rates her books in TARDIS’s! How cool is that?! Check out the following posts from Ariana’s blog:


The Disney Tag (because everyone needs a little Disney in their day-to-day life)

Book Review: Red Queen

Infinity Dreams Award

Where To Follow Her:



2 thoughts on “Blog Spotlight – The Quirky Book Nerd

  1. Oh my gosh! This was the loveliest surprise to wake up to! 😀 Thank you so much for doing this; you are so incredibly sweet! And I have to say, I completely agree that never having seen the Lord of The Rings or Hobbit films definitely subtracts from my cool points (and my nerd points!) Haha 😀 Definitely hoping to fix that this year!
    Thank you again so much for this! ❤


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