Blog Spotlight: Spines And Covers

I’m back doing Blog Spotlights! I am back in the groove, and I’ve got some awesome Christmassy book posts in the works, but for now, I’m going to shine a little light onto one of my favourite blogs ever- Spines And Covers!

The Bloggers Behind The Writing:

This blog is run by four – yes, four! – awesome bloggers from all different places and of different ages. I don’t think I could do that – blogging on my own is enough work. Each of the bloggers on this blog are special in their own way, so you should definitely go check them out.


Samantha is the original creator of Spines And Covers, but that doesn’t mean she’s washed up. Actually she’s evolved like a Pokemon, from reading mainly YA to reading classic literature and adult fantasy.

“I live in the real world, i don’t want to read about it.” That basically describes the second of S&C’s bloggers – Jessie. She’s a twenty-something who’s afraid her TBR pile will become an avalanche one day, and who is a fan of Hank and John Green (who isn’t?).

Next up is the night owl otherwise known as Ashley. A mother who also has a blog is someone to admire. She’s a YA junkie, with a serious love of Harry Potter (obviously), and describes herself as a ‘super book ninja.’ Agreed.

The fourth blogger in this quartet is Wren, who somehow manages to blog here at S&C, as well as on her own blog ‘Books in My Suitcase.‘ That’s wicked impressive, since I can barely remember to get posts on one blog sometimes. She’s a fan of DnD, anime and manga, and taekwondo/karate. That’s pretty sick, if I do say so myself.


The Blog Itself:

I’m very impressed that four bloggers can work together like this. All four women are active on the blog, which is amazing since I’ve seen blogs with multiple authors just die out, leaving one person with all the weight and work. That’s not the case here.

The design of the blog itself is amazing as well – it’s so pretty that I’m getting a serious case of blog envy as I type this. Look at this gorgeous heading!


It’s gorgeous, and not overdone, and it’s very easy on the eyes. I’m not a fan of blogs where I have to strain my eyes to read the text because the whole design is brash and overcrowded with too many widgets.

Here are some of my favourite posts on the site from each author:

Jessie: RockMyTBR and Song Tag
Samantha: Blogmas #5 Unpopular Opinions Tag
Ashley: Top 10 YA Fairytale Picks
Wren: Book Review – The Heir

Where To Follow Them:

Contact Page


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