Top Five Friday – Books To Take To The Afterlife

I’m back to doing Top Five Friday! This week I’m taking a dream quest, and showing you all what books would be in my own personal heaven. If I’m going to die, these books better be in the afterlife with me.


1) Magnus Chase And The Sword of Summer – Rick Riordan

Because this book is amazing, and I could read it over and over again for eternity without getting bored. Also, give me my Blitz/Heartstone!

2) Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban – J.K. Rowling

I need at least one Harry Potter book in this life and the next, and this book happens to be my favourite in the series. Also, if I end up in a fictional afterlife, I could meet Lily and James!

3) Leaves Of Grass – Walt Whitman

Trying to balance this out, I’m choosing a poetry book to come to the afterlife with me. I love Whitman’s poetry, especially this anthology. My favourite quote is from verse 52 of ‘Song of Myself’ –

The spotted hawk swoops by and accuses me—he complains of my gab and my loitering.
I too am not a bit tamed—I too am untranslatable;
I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.


4) One Direction: Where We Are

I gotta have my boys, right? This is the one of their books I actually possess, and I love it. The cover is simple, and I love hearing their thoughts on their career. Also, this has Zayn in it, so no complaints.

5) Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte

Balancing my choices out more here, but I do enjoy reading Wuthering Heights. It’s a Romeo and Juliet story against the backdrop of the Yorkshire moors. Mm, I love me some Heathcliff.

What would be the five books you’d take to the afterlife with you? What books would be in your personal heaven?

Happy reading!


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