OTP Question Time Part 1/? – Captive Prince

OTP Headcanons! I love doing these, and because I’m obsessed with Captive Prince (review here!) at the moment, I’m going to do these questions if Damen and Laurent were in the modern world.


Which one hogs the blanket?

Laurent is so the one who hogs the blanket whenever they’re in bed, and Damen wakes up in the morning with cold legs because Laurent has wrapped the duvet around himself like a cocoon. When they’re snuggling on the sofa though, Damen has control of the blanket.

Which one cuts the other’s hair?

They don’t. They get their hair cut at one of Laurent’s favourite barbers, since Laurent refuses to have Damen put his hands anywhere near his head, and he doesn’t want to have to cut Damen’s hair.

Which one makes coffee for the other every morning?

Laurent makes coffee for him and Damen since he’s the first one up every morning. Damen likes to make warm milk for them at night though, since he knows it helps Laurent sleep (even if Laurent won’t admit it).

Which one picks up the pizza?

Damen picks up the pizza, because god forbid his boyfriend should been seen in a pizza shop. He’s too posh for that.

Which one likes their music on full volume?

Laurent blasts his music whenever his Uncle is over, or whenever Damen irritates him. It’s always really awful music as well – ranging from death metal to bubblegum pop that makes Damen grit his teeth.

Which one complains about the crumbs on the bed?

Neither of them, because eating in bed is something that never happens. Neither Laurent nor Damen likes having crumbs in the bed, so they always keep their food out of the bedroom.

Which one is ticklish?

Damen hates to admit it, but he is helpless whenever he is tickled under the arms and on the backs of his knees especially. Laurent discovered this early in their relationship and takes advantage of it whenever he wants his way.

Which one sings and which one plays the music?

Surprisingly Damen has quite a good voice, but he’s not a strong guitar player, so Laurent takes that job. Secretly Laurent loves to play for Damen, just so he can hear his lover’s amazing voice.

Which one proposes?

Laurent has a ring, and he keeps planning to propose when the time is right, but before he can get to it, Damen makes a massively romantic proposal that isn’t disgustingly sweet but is just perfect.


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