NaBloPoMo Wrap-Up

I did it! I completed NaBloPoMo! I posted every day in November, and what a thrill ride it was. It inspired me to come with new, awesome content, and it pushed me to post every day. I’m so proud of myself for this.

Day 1 – Blog Spotlight: The Book Babe
Day 2 – One Sentence Review: The Hollow
Day 3 – Why I DNF
Day 4 – Foody Bookish Recipes
Day 5 – Let’s Get Inky
Day 6 – Top Five Friday: Favourite Book Quotes
Day 7 – Book Photo Challenge Day 7
Day 8 – Book Review: Forbidden
Day 9 – One Sentence Review: Ransom My Heart
Day 10 – St.Trinians Book Tag (Original)
Day 11 – Book Playlist: Blue Bloods
Day 12 – Battle Of The YA Characters
Day 13 – Transformative Fiction? You Mean Fan Fiction.
Day 14 – Book Review: Red Queen
Day 15 – Blog Spotlight: 21st Century Once Upon A Times
Day 16 – One Sentence Review: Leaves Of Grass
Day 17 – Book Review: Dime Store Magic
Day 18 – Book Playlist: The Lunar Chronicles
Day 19 – Let There Be Suggestions!
Day 20 – Top Five Friday: Book Blogging Resources
Day 21 – Lights, Cameras. Action! Book Trailers
Day 22 – Blog Spotlight: A Frolic Through Fiction
Day 23 – Book Review: The Summer I Became A Nerd
Day 24 – If You Like…
Day 25 – Book Playlist: Red Queen
Day 26 – Book Review: Kill Me Softly
Day 27 – Top Five Friday: Geeks And Nerds
Day 28 – Book Review: Shatter Me
Day 29 – Book Review: Captive Prince
Day 30 – One Sentence Review: My Sister’s Keeper

That was intense. I’m definitely going to do it again next year though, because this was amazing – not only did I push myself to post better stuff, I also discovered other amazing blogs to follow. A win-win situation all around.



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