Blog Spotlight – Books And Messy Buns


Let there be another blog spotlight! I’m actually really enjoying this feature, because it’s giving blogs a little shine, letting all you lovely people know what blogs I’m into.

This week? Books And Messy Buns!


The Blogger Behind The Writing:

This blog is run by Rebeca – with one ‘c’ as opposed to my two – and her About page doesn’t reveal much about her, but it gives me a little peek into her personality.

She’s a young adult, who loves books and yet doesn’t have enough space for them. I empathize with that, Rebeca – there’s no such thing as too many books, but there is such a thing as not enough space. It’s a sad reality.


As it says on her page: “I read pretty much anywhere and at anytime, I am capable of talking about books nonstop during 3 hours, I write about books, I watch videos about books, I dream about books and I spend an awful lot of money on books when I should be spending it on shelves…”

The Blog Itself:

At first glance, my initial thought is, “Whoa. That’s a lot of memes.” That’s not a bad thing though – memes are great for connecting members of this incredible book blogging community we belong too. Rebeca hosts memes called Highlighted Mondays, One Sentence Wednesdays (hey, like my One Sentence Reviews!), Snap Snap Thursdays, and Random Fridays. If you want to participate check it out here.


Rebeca also does book reviews as well though, which balances out the memes. Here’s her review of ‘Lois Lane: Cloudy With A Chance Of Destruction’ which especially caught my attention, being a huge Superman nerd. Go check it out.

Where To Follow Her:

Personal Instagram
Bookish Instagram


4 thoughts on “Blog Spotlight – Books And Messy Buns

  1. I’m speechless! Thank you so much Becca (double c 😉 ) for this, I was not expecting it at all and I feel honored to be on your book spotlight 😀
    So good to find such a great blog as yours (already following you 😀 ) and specially to meet another Ravenclaw 😉


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