Top Five Friday – Geeks And Nerds

It’s Friday, bitches! That means it’s time for another Top Five! This week, I’m going to be sharing with you all, my five favourite geeks or nerds in books,because one day nerds will rule the world! These are characters who aren’t afraid to let their freak flag fly, just because they’re really into books, or even more geeky stuff like Dungeons and Dragons. Let’s begin!
1) Hermione (Harry Potter)

No list of fictional geeks/nerds would be complete without the character everyone knows and loves. She gets called a know-it-all on an almost daily basis, she is usually found in the school library, and it’s her smarts which get Harry and Ron out of a lot of their scrapes. It’s Hermione freaking Granger!
2) Maddie Summers (The Summer I Became A Nerd)

This is a very recent read – I actually reviewed it here – but I love the full-on geekiness of the main character. She’s a comic book nerd, and bonds with another comic book nerd who turns out to be her love interest, and it’s just very geeky and wonderful. You have to read this book, because it’s brilliant!
3) Simon Lewis (The Mortal Instruments)

The only guy on this list, unfortunately (I prefer to watch my guys geek out on tv) but that does not make him the least geeky. Even throughout the action of the books, he’s still adorkable, and geeky, and I just want to marry Simon Lewis. That is, if Izzy won’t kill me first.
4) Matilda (Matilda)

Come on, who didn’t love Matilda while they were growing up? She’s like the original little geek, but this one also has telekinesis. Very cool. I still love reading Matilda, even at 21, because she’s so unapologetic about loving books so much, and that’s an awesome role model right there.
5) Cath (Fangirl)

I have a feeling that if I don’t add Cath to this list, I’ll get a lot of Fangirl fans berating me for it. Despite the fact that Fangirl itself didn’t get me fangirling over it, I have to admit that Cath belongs on this list. She’s the fanfiction-writing breed of geek, so respect for that.

Who are your fictional geeks and nerds? Comment below, and recommend me some.

Happy reading!


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