Top Five Friday – Book Blogging Resources


There are a few resources that I regularly use in my book blogging – some I use more than others – so I figured I’d be a Good Samaritan, and share them with all you lovely people.


1) Written? Kitten!

This particular resource is the most useful, in my opinion. It gives you an adorable picture of a kitten, puppy, or bunny every hundred words you type, and also most importantly it saves what you write in case your browser screws up, so you don’t lose what you’ve typed so far. This is by far my favourite, and I use it for all my blog posts. It’s actually what I typed up this post on in the first place.

2) Goodreads

Don’t even get me started on this awesome website – not only is it excellent for keeping track of books I’ve read, but it also provides me with an insight into what other people have thought about various books that I’ve read. Also, I get a lot of my reaction gifs from the reviews on here.

3) Books, Biscuits and Tea’s Resource Post

I’ve only been blogging for just about six months now, so this massive post has been an absolute lifesaver. In the start – the first two or three months of it – I was a little stuck for ideas on keeping the blog fresh and exciting, so this was an absolute delight to find.

4) Pixlr

Need a good photo editing place to make cool graphics for your blog? Use this one. It’s pretty much like Photoshop, except it’s online with no download – unless you download the free app. Give it a go, and make awesome art with it.

5) Netgalley

I’m utterly in love with this site – because of Netgalley, I have been able to read some epic ARCs before the books themselves had been published.I’ve only ever been declined for one book so far, which I’m delighted about. If you’re a book blogger, this is a must-have for your favourites list.


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