Blog Spotlight – 21st Century Once Upon A Times


This week’s spotlight blog is one I’ve only recently discovered, but I’m already so in love with this book blog that I just have to shine a little light on this amazing blogger.

This is 21st Century Once Upon A Times.

The Blogger Behind The Writing:


This book blog is run by Booknut – an excellent choice of pseudonym for a book lover – who adores Will Herondale (don’t we all?!), would love to trade her bookshelf in for a library straight out of Beauty and The Beast (who wouldn’t?), and who enjoys Snickers bars. Mmm, Snickers….


I’m not getting a lot of personal info from the blog, but I love that it’s sort of anonymous. Booknut is like Gossip Girl, but with books. I’d much rather read about books than what various socialites are up to.

The Blog Itself:

First of all, the name? It’s long, but FABULOUS. What girl doesn’t want her 21st Century Once Upon a Time? After all, who needs a man to save them nowadays, even in books? Katniss saved not only herself but all the Districts from Capitol rule, without needing a man to do it. That’s what I call badass. Anyway, I digress.

Booknut’s blog design is utterly amazing as well – it’s a collage of book covers, but it doesn’t look over crowded. The whole blog has a sort of cool graffiti vibe to it, which I dig. It’s well laid out, but not in a too-clinical way. It’s just messy enough to be interesting, like a blog should be.

As for posts, don’t even get me started on the variety here. Booknut does a weekly meme EVERY day of the week! And they aren’t just generic ones – she has Music Monday, Teaser Tuesday, Waiting On Wednesdays, and more. Personally I couldn’t do that, but good on Booknut for having that dedication.


There’s also a whole list of book tours and author events she’s been a part of, and I’m getting even more jealous as I read through the long, long list. This is one dedicated blogger.

Where To Follow Her:



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